JACKSON: It was the assignment that no one wanted.  Another exhibit being brought into the Metropolis Museum of Art.  When Perry’s door opened to try and get someone to cover the assignment all the seasoned reporters made themselves scarce or had already been assigned.  Rather than waiting for it to be assigned I took a little initiative and volunteered for the assignment.  Which Mister White found a bit surprising and he was a little unsure that he wanted an intern covering the story, but I thought I had been here long enough to do the piece.

Most called I fluff.  Who cared about Kahndaq.  Relations with the country was tense at best and it wasn’t like anyone of importance would be there to ask questions besides the museum curator who I considered to be an important person.  Whether I won him over or he was tired of looking at my face I got the assignment. I would be responsible for the entire article start to finish including a few pictures.  I considered myself lucky so much so that I started doing my research a few days in advance of the actual interview.  Standard fair along with a few extra questions I thought I could toss in.   I would take my notes, take pictures, and show Mister White that I was quite capable.

He thought he would throw me a bone and ask Olsen to come with to make sure that I didn’t embarrass the paper, because most of the work I had done so far was mostly blog post on the Planet’s online edition.  However, this was going to make into the paper.  I was pretty sure that I was going to be able to make it happen, but Jimmy got snagged for another assignment.

Something about showing Mister White’s new assistant the ropes.  Didn’t matter I was confident that I could handle assignment. What was the worst that could happen?

That’s how it started that bright lovely afternoon. I was already in the museum taking a few pictures of the exhibit when the storm gathered the rather odd storm.  That’s when it all went downhill.  What was supposed to be a standard piece turned into a survive the night situation.

One moment things seemed to be in order the next as I was on my way to meet Dr. Sandsmark the next there were people who were yelling and screaming?  Why?  It seems that the museums exhibits had come to life, and while many of them appeared that they would come to life, because of their authenticity, they were literally coming to the life. Like Night at the Museum come to life without any of the snappy banter.  Snappy banter had been replaced with life threatening danger.

Joshua told me to fit in.  To be the student. To be the intern. To keep my nose clean.  I was doing that and here I was in a situation that looked all too familiar.

”Garth, this is neither the time or place this.”

“Bring it down a level, Kaldur.  I’ve learned a few things.  Just want to test it out.  You’re always telling me I shouldn’t be afraid of what I can do.  Of my magic.  I’m taking your advice….”

It had been a quick flash it came and it went, the sounds of scream from the children were enough to spur me into action.  They needed to get clear of the building which meant getting them, their chaperones and teachers out of harm’s way.

Boring assignment.  Anything but. If asked about it I would discuss it with Joshua, but he couldn’t fault me for doing what I could…you know picking up anything I could to be back whatever exhibits I could. I’m sure the museum would put out a statement of some kind which I would be there to get but if they wanted to continue to receive patronage it would probably be best if the exhibits didn’t hurt, maim and in some instances, eat their patrons.

In some cases, there were items used within reach to help me and when they seemed to not cooperate water pressure built in some areas bursting pipes to provide the cover and distraction that was needed to get the various people that I came across out of danger.   I focused on the area I was in.  Any more and I might get a lecture if not worse.   I might have to leave the city and I rather not do that though some security cameras might catch slightly unnatural movement of water once it escaped the pipes.

Within the hour things seemed to calm down and started to return to normal as the storm began to retreat from the area.  There was this need to investigate instead I took pictures and told Mister White that I would be in with information as soon as possible, but it was probably best if I stayed in the area to get a few more firsthand accounts and quotes from people in the area.

I had a story to tell and right now it seemed that a boring assignment might…might get me on the front page.  Which may or may not be a good thing.

I don’t know if that screamed low profile like Joshua wanted.  Either way I took some time to meet with anyone that was gathered around the museum to get their stories.  I had my press pass, so it was completely legitimate.

TARA: Tara would on most occasions not be caught dead in a museum or even near one. To say she found little of value in the lessons to be learned there would be an understatement. She had never much cared for school back during her time in the lab she had grown up in, despite her mother’s attempts to make it fun. At the end of the day she was still confined and still always being watched.

So the cold and clean environment of a museum only served to remind her of a less then ideal time. Today however she had accidentally found herself at the Metropolis Museum of Art entirely due to her lack of familiarity with her new home. Normally she made use of whatever app she could find directions on whatever phone she was currently using, today that plan did not work out.

“Damn it…work you piece of..”

Stopping mid rant about the stolen phones failing battery as all hell broke loose outside of the museum. Still outside at the time Tara glanced up once and immediately knew what she had to do. Run.


Making a quick about face Tara made to escape when everything went white. When next she awoke she found herself sitting on a curb her jacket sitting on her shoulders as an EMT looked at the gash on her forehead.

“I think you’ll be fine miss….?”

Narrowing her eyes at the well meaning medic she consider the question a moment before answering, best not to give her real name.


Nodding he continues to look over her wound ignoring the vulgar muttering of his current patient.

JACKSON:  I was in the middle of finishing my interview with one of the individuals while her grandmother partook of the oxygen they had available.  She had left her tank in the museum in all the commotion.  Not something you would want to think about.  Her grandmother was going to be fine, but she needed a moment while the commotion died down.

While most of the other reporters were held back at the perimeter that had been created I was able to get more information from individuals as I was part of of one of the groups that came out of the museum.  Some of the other people in the immediate area that had come out of the museum spoke about a man in the sky and a woman with a rather fiery temperament going back and forth.  Someone got a picture of the one in the air, but not of the woman, but then he rushed inside.  I made a bid on the picture to have it transferred to my phone provided the with the number so they could be compensated.  I got another picture of the woman from another bystander securing the photos for the planet.

I move on when I hear the vulgar muttering.  I speak to the EMT’s partner to get his perspective

“Jackson Hyde. I’m with the Daily Planet. I was hoping to get a few quotes for the story.  Can you describe the scene as you approached the area?  I was told that you were part of the first response team.”    The EMT looked at me and I flashed the Press Pass, because let’s face it they knew who the reporters were in the city and I didn’t look like any of them.   However, upon seeing the press pass he began to open up about the scene as they approached how angry the sky looked, but it was unlike anything he had seen before.  The storm was centered over the museum and no where else, almost like it was deliberate.

TARA:  “Are you shitting me!?”

Tara said with a low but forceful tone as the EMT leaves her sitting unattended. Reaching into the jackets inner pocket to find the phone that had brought her to weird shit central it’s battery had completely died by this point but it’s wasn’t completely useless.

Holding the screen up just so to use the screen to catch her reflection she tries to see just how bad the damage was. Bringing a finger up to touch the gash over her eye Tara winces at the contact and starts cursing again as the contact causes a small trickle of blood to run down her face.

“HEY. I might be dying over her pal…what happened anyway?”

Looking around where she was siting her eye falls on a bloody jagged rock laying on the grass near her. A rock. Tara of all people had been taken out by a rock.

JACKSON:  I was speaking to his partner so I didn’t see the other EMT get up to stop what he was doing to see what was going on.  “I think your patient is calling.”  Screeching is more like it.  The last thing I wanted was to get in the way of anyone doing anything.  I stop my digital recorder before turning my attention to the woman that had the gash on her forehead.

“Not sure yet.  Conflicting stories.  Some thought it was ghosts.  Others say aliens, but it sounds like there was a metahuman dust up occurred out here.  Not quite sure what went on in the museum, but it sounds like it could be related.”

I step back so the EMT can get back to what he was doing. He got a little chewed out by his partner.  He was supposed to be taking care of the woman. They needed to clean her up and probably take her in for some stitches.

“Don’t think we’ve seen anything like this in Metropolis in a while.”  Sure you heard about Superman and Wonder Woman sightings in the city, but this was something entirely different from a robbery gone wrong. “Sounds like the rumors are true.   Superheroes are on the rise again.”

TARA:  Despite her protest about being ignored Tara bats at the hands of the returning EMT, before relenting and holding up both her hands to signal her surrender to his efforts. He takes it all in stride and wipes away the blood being careful not to touch the wound itself and cause further bleeding. Tara keeps her hands up the entire time only lowering them when he finishes.

“Well ain’t that grand…look at this place.”

Pausing a moment as she has a new thought about things a clearly more important thing.

“Look at me!”

As she raises her voice Tara tries to stand stumbling a bit in the process but remaining in her feet. She hadn’t really looked around the scene since she had woken up on the sidewalk, she did now.

“Super idiots is more like it.”

JACKSON: “It has seen better days.  I’m afraid that it was a lot worse inside at least that’s what I’ve been told.   I haven’t been allowed back inside since I was evacuated from the museum.”  It makes me wish that I had done more, but I have my orders.   So instead I lean towards what I’ve been trained to do report the news.

“I heard that there were a few fatalities, but there haven’t been any confirmations yet.  Either way this is definitely going to leave a mark on the city.”  Things were going to get a bit tense with individuals that felt that meatahumans caused more problems than they solved.

“All of it was a bit odd and that’s putting it lightly.  Exhibits attacking people inside, meteorological events outside.”

TARA:  “Meta humans…are just the worst.”

That said she chucks the dead phone over her shoulder and then uses her now free hand to find the pack of cigarettes from the pocket on the other side of her jacket. Seeing the expression on one of the EMT’s gives her Tara flashes her middle finger at the man before sending the hand back into the pocket for the lighter.

“Do not lecture me okay. I am having the worst…wooooorst day.”

Quickly lighting the cigarette and taking a drag she blows the smoke away from the group around her,see she could be a little courteous. Today had not gone at all like she had expected.

JACKSON:  Commenting isn’t what I was here to do.  i was here to see what people said and it seemed that this was someone that had something to say about it.  How much who knew.

The EMT said nothing at first, but pointed out the fact that if she didn’t want her gash to scar she was going to have to go to the hospital to get that stitched up and there was no smoking in the ambulance.  Simple as that.   He resumed his work and unfortunately for everyone the wind was blowing in her face sending the smoke of her cigarette right in their direction.

Win-win for no one.

“Do you mind if I ask you remember anything?  Were you in the museum?”  Back to doing my job.  Despite the gash it was at must superficial. Probably wasn’t pleasant and it’s not anything anyone would want to experience, but her skull wasn’t cracked so there was that.  I had seen a few other injuries that made hers look like child’s play, but no one goes out looking to get injured unless they’re into that.

TARA:   Tara had no intention of going to the hospital, she liked them even less then museums. The smell alone brought up the worst of her memories of childhood. She didn’t much like the idea of having a scar but going to a hospital usually meant answering questions and that she would not do.

“I was outside I wasn’t even going to the museum…just passing through.

Reading the room so to speak Tara puts out the cigarette it keeps it between her fingers, sometimes that helped the cravings.

“Anywho..it’s time I hit the road. Watch your ass dude.”

Sliding an arm into the sleeve of the coat that had till now been sitting on her shoulders Tara slides her other arm into the second sleeve as she begins walking away.

“Watch out for those super heroes could be anywhere.”

Gesturing with a pair of fingers a she walks off despite the EMTs protests.

JACKSON:  “So you had a clear view of what happened on the inside.”  I was about to ask her if she would like to give her account, but she was already getting up to leave. It seemed that she wanted to get as far away from her as she could.  I couldn’t fault her for that.  Though from the look of things she must have been here when it began.   Most of the other people that was around the museum were brought back to the perimeter that had been created.  Given everything that happen it definitely could have been a lot worse.

“Those are the times we live in.”  Super heroes are a fact of life.  How it’s handle only time will tell, but it will be interesting to see what happens next.

The EMTs were unfazed by her reaction they had pretty much seen it all when it came to people they tried to help.  Some welcomed it some not so much.  Either way he had a story to get ready for print.

There was also another item that he wanted to speak to Ms. Sandsmark about.  He still wanted to do the story on the Kahndaq exhibit, but there was another piece of business that he wanted to talk to her about.