DC: Elseworlds currently consists of two main city settings.  You are by no means limited to these two geographical locations, they are just the areas that are defined currently for this storyline. If you have ideas for other events, by all means network and communicate with the other players in order to get something going!  Just so long as it fits in with the overall theme of the room.  We want people to be able to have fun, to participate, and to get their muses out there whether it’s through solos or interacting with each other to advance our group made story.  The following are some ‘concrete’ points for you to build off of, and tailor your characters around.

The Next Generation

While you’re by no means limited to them, the focus of the room is on what would have at one time been considered the ‘sidekicks.’  Through varying circumstances, most of the traditional Justice League characters are unavailable to be played currently, and while that may change later as we advance our stories, the Big Six are at present off the table.  That vacuum of power allows for the exploration and focus on some of the other canon characters (or originals!).

  • Batman: Murdered in Gotham, the main plot for that city revolves around the events following his death.
  • Superman: Was at one time an active force in the world, but was last seen leaving Earth.  Common belief is that he was returning to his home planet in order to aid them and has never returned.  He has since been replaced by a ‘new’ Superman, Conner Luthor.
  • Wonder Woman: Diana has never appeared in the World of Man, either because she does not exist or simply never had a reason to leave Themyscira.  The world has just been introduced to a blonde hero who calls herself Wonder Woman, though it is Cassie Sandsmark and not Diana.
  • Flash: Barry Allen operated as the Flash, and so the name is known to the general public, however he has not been seen in two years.  After an encounter with Superboy, he has been trapped in the Speed Force.
  • Aquaman: Usurped by his half brother, Orm, Arthur is believed to be dead.
  • Green Lantern: Hal Jordan was briefly active as the Lantern on Earth, however he too has left the planet.  The general populace will assume that like the original Superman he had business elsewhere, but the truth is he’s ‘gone Parallax.’