WordPress is such a highly customizable thing that sometimes starting to use one can be a little daunting. If you’re nervous or want help, just let one of us know and we’re happy to help walk you through it.  This page is meant to provide a short little tutorial for making use of our Chronicle Sharing System (not trademarked!), so that your games are available for everyone to see, or to participate on!

  1. Get an Account: If you do not already have a login for this site, contact either Michele or Doug in order to have one made for you.  You will use this to login to the site so that you can post your own words.
  2. Create a New Post: At the upper left of your screen, once you are logged in, you should see a plus sign and the word ‘new’.  Click ‘Post’ when it pops up beneath there to start your post.  
  3. Write!: Give your post a title, and use the editing box to place your words.  You can either paste in entire logs from games in room, or you can use this as your actual medium for collaborating with the other players (more on this a little later). The visual editor is just that, the option that lets you see how things will look when posted. Text editor is where you would use your own HTML.  It is also where you should post your game if transferring logs that already have written html markup in them.
  4. Finishing Up: Once your words are the way you’d like them, there’s a few other things you need to do. On the right of the editor there are boxes labeled Categories, Tags, and Featured Image.  Categories should be ‘Chronicles’ (there’s only two options currently), tags are where you should denote a single identifier for the characters involved, and the players. This allows for easy searching by name. I.E. If I’m playing Cassie with Supergirl, I might put ashley, cassie, kara, michele.  Featured Image is where you can upload and/or set an image of your character. This makes it sparkly on both the front page, and the recent post carousel.
  5. Comments: This is where you will want to add onto an existing game on the wordpress.  This makes it visible on the front page under ‘recent comments’ when you’ve added a post, in case you aren’t communicating with the other author through AIM or some other client.  When a game is concluded, you can either leave the RP in comment form, or copy and paste them into the body of your main post.  Only comment on games that you have been invited to participate in, or if they are designated with an [OPEN] in their title.