Room Rules

  • First rule is respect. Respect for yourself. Respect for your fellow players and the staff. Our room is a mature setting. The word “Mature” does not only apply to the nature of our games, but to the nature of our community.
  • This realm is will contain adult content, i.e. graphic scenes, image avatars, and setting depictions.
  • Nameplates and Pictures should not total more than 850 pixels. Images should be kept to 550×550 and 500kb.
  • All users are required to have, and keep in their tagline/setup somewhere their Mun Name. A mun name is some name that we can use to distinguish you from your character.
  • OOC chatter in our room is welcome, but for the sake of immersion/confusion, should only be done from a ‘mun’ handle, or an approved character originating in the Elseworlds SL.
  • This Room is Rated 18+ for Violence, Language, and Adult Situations.
  • Stay within the confines of the site’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Character Rules

  • We ask that you not snatch up more characters than you can reasonably play, so that others have the opportunity as well.  There’s not going to be a hard and fast number on this limit, just use common sense.
  • Real life is important to all of us, and should always come first, but keep in mind that if you have a character, have not played them in some time, and another active chatter expresses interest then pulling the character will be considered by the host.  This should not be taken as anything personal, so much as a desire to keep things rolling in the room.
  • All canon characters must be applied for, and this is as easily done as posting in the Character Request section of the forum.  We ask this for two reasons.  First, to keep track of who has what, and secondly because some characters across the DC Universe may not be suitable for the setting due to the specifics of our particular storyline.  We try to encourage creativity and telling the stories you want to tell, but for the sake of the chronicle/structured setting some may have ‘baggage’ you will have to account for.  If you have any questions about a specific character, speak to Michele or Ben/Doug.  Going forward (8/4/18), forum posts will be marked with an ‘approved’ comment by staff if they’re free and clear to go.
  • Original characters are welcome, but should be tailored to the existing world.  The setting will not be tailored to them.  In addition, original characters are required to have stat sheets in order to participate in room SLs.
  • In DC: Elseworlds, we make use of the DC Adventures (D20) system.  While a stat sheet is not required for a canon, some storytellers may only allow you to participate with that character in certain in room situations if you have one, so they are encouraged.

We encourage people to play not only in our room on Astral Planes, but here as well! It can be difficult to coordinate schedules and availability and it’s our hope to allow games to take place despite real life, and lame adulthood.  This site will also provide a centralized place for others to enjoy the muses that we all have speaking to us from time to time.  If you are unfamiliar with the format of WordPress, and how to add your games just ask.  We would be happy to help so that you can make the best of this resource and participate! There are a few rules that will be specific to this particular ‘forum,’ in addition to the ones that govern (loosely) conduct in the chat room.

Forum Rules

  • Only registered users will have the ability to post their finished games, and/or play on the forums.  In order to get an account set up for yourself, speak with Michele.
  • If you would like others to join in your scene, please indicate this by starting the title of post with [OPEN].  When the scene is concluded, you can edit this out in order to make it clear that it’s finished.  If a scene is not marked open, you should only join it with the express permission of those who are running it.
  • You are allowed (and in fact encouraged) to assign a ‘Featured Image’ to your game when posting it.  This is what makes it show up all fancy on the front page.  Please refrain from uploading an excessive amount of media images.
  • Games should be tagged (in lower case because Michele has mild OCD about weird things) with the names of the characters involved, and the players of those muses.