General Timeline


  • The first recorded meta-human in history appears in the United States. His appearance causes panic among the U.S. Government, and immediately a project is begun to catalogue and track any future occurrences. These meta-humans present the world with a unique mystery as to how or why they have such powers, and as such are called ‘Mystery Men’.


  • During World War II the German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, was dedicated to the acquisition of all artifacts that could grant or lead to additional power for the Reicht. In 1940 he gained access to the Spear of Destiny, a mystical artifact. The Spear of Destiny is a roman spear that was used to pierce the heart of Christ during his long march to crusifix, it is imbued with great mystical energy on it’s own, but it’s true use is as a focusing rod for amplifying spells already in use. Fear that Hitler would use the spear against the whole of Europe kept many of the world’s meta-humans out of the war.


  • Following the attack on Pearl Harbor the U.S. President, Franklin Delano Rosevelt, gathers all known Mystery Men together. He sanctions the very first ‘Justice Battalion’, with the single assignment to help end the War as quickly and as cleanly as possible.


  • A mystery man known as the Unknown Soldier tracked and killed Adolf Hitler and his new bride Eva Braun. He assumed Hitler’s identity in order to stop the deployment and use of the Spear of Destiny. He then staged an apparent suicide by the German Chancellor and his wife. Immediately following the War the President of the United States sanctioned the forming of the ‘Justice Society of America’. For a time humans and meta-humans lived at peace with one another.


  • A series of events begins starting with the disappearance of Starman. (This is where the events of “Elseworlds” diverges from Mainstream DC Comics.)


  • The Shadower executes Mid-Nite’s girlfriend in cold blood, Mid-Nite kills the Shadower but then retires from active heroics.


  • Eight Year-old Joshua Ray kills his mother when his meta-human powers triggers unexpectedly, the Ray retires from active heroics. The public begins to recognize the lethal force that Mystery Men represent.


  • As the Cold War begins the public opinion of heroes takes a dramatic turn, citing the events of the last half-decade the U.S. Senate begins to hold public hearings about the effects of mystery men upon the United States and the World.


  • Rick Flag Sr. dies fighting the ‘War Wheel’. The Justice Society is forced to disband as the U.S. Congress passes the Keene Act. The Keene Act denies all meta-humans the right to utilize their powers without legal authorization. In essence forcing meta-humans to join officially with a Law Enforcement agency or be considered Vigilantes and Outlaws.


  • A meteor shower occurs over Smallville, Kansas, masking the crash landing of a space-ship. A farmer and his wife find the crashed ship, it holds a young boy. Soon after the mid-west is rocked with the worst snow storm they have seen for decades, this allows the farmer and his wife pass the baby off as their own child.


  • Thomas and Martha Wayne are gunned down in the middle of the street, in Gotham City, by Joe Chill. Their death signals the ultimate loss of hope in Gotham, as the Waynes were considered the last great hope of a city losing it’s war with organized crime.


  • Marked as the first appearance of the Superman, a blue-red blur is seen aiding people during the Terrorist Attack on Metropolis’ twin towers. This ‘blur’ was not known to be Superman until later that year, when a columnist from the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, would dub him the Superman in a landmark interview.


  • The Batman first appeared in Gotham, despite helping police to bring down a notorious mobster he is ultimately pronounced a vigilante Outlaw. Due to the brutal methods employed while fighting the criminal element in Gotham and the corrupt City Officials seeking to eliminate the threat to their regime.


  • Batman foils a plot by Ra As Ghul to use the Scarecrow’s hallucinogenic agent on the city’s water supply. The plot was intended to destroy Gotham City, by not only poisoning the water supply, but also releasing the prisoners of Arkham Asylum. Despite stopping the poisoning of the water, the entire island district of Gotham called the Narrows was lost when the Asylum was breached.


  • After many police and national guard attempts to reclaim the Narrows the U.S. Government finally declares the Island to be a No Man’s Land. The entire situation is blamed upon the Batman by the press. Later that year Superman is forced in to battle against an Alien threat to the planet. For the first time the press begins to turn against Superman as he is blamed for the Alien threat to the planet.


  • Lex Luthor is one of many high-profile socialites to come out in support of the Anti-Alien movement. Aided by a Vandar Cain, Luthor would begin a meteoric rise in popularity, support. Shocking most of the civilized world, Luthor was able to ride this wave of popularity to the White House of the United States, defeating Barack Obama in the 2008 Election.


  • A formerly clandestine group of the U.S. Government, N.O.W.H.E.R.E., is given wider sanctions by the U.S. Government amidst the hysteria that is driven by President Luthor’s anti-Alien support.


  • Changing his platform slightly, Luthor’s second term as President comes with the shifting of his stance to include most, if not all, Meta-Humans and not just Aliens. He campaigns on the promise of bringing the chaos and collateral damage caused by vigilante justice to heel.


  • Frustrated by the changing climate against him and people like him. Superman is last interviewed by Lois Lane. During which he expresses his understanding of people’s fear and his hope for this world to embrace it’s Heroes and acknowledge them for what they are. He expresses a desire to help, but suggests that perhaps his help would be better placed elsewhere. Superman is later observed by NASA leaving Earth’s Orbit on a direct path towards the doomed planet Krypton.


  • Once more the planet is placed in great danger. This time by one of it’s own Heroes, Hal Jordan, the Green Latern. Consumed by Fear, Hal becomes the the Parallax.Though eventually forced to flea Earth, the fear pushed forth by Parallax is enough for the U.S. Congress to push forth new legislation about the monitoring and policing of Meta-Humans.


  • During the Presidential Election Primaries, Luthor’s opponent Hilary Clinton withdraws from the race after Luthor is brutally attacked by Alien-sympathizers who blamed him for Superman’s Leaving. Fear begins to run rampant and the world at large begins to stoke the fire of a return of the Paralax. Congress suspends the general election proceedings and Lex Luthor is given an unending term. Now called ‘President for Life,’ Lex Luthor turns his focus upon the world at large.