General Bio: N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is a clandestine, world-wide, organization dating back to the earliest periods of Meta-Human involvement in world politics. Originally a non-sanctioned project created under the power of then President Franklin Roosevelt for the purpose of investigating meta-humans. It was eventually tasked with the recruitment of Mystery Men to form the ‘Justice Battalion,’ which was deployed against Adolf Hitler in World War II. After the War, the Project was primarily used to catalog meta-humans. During the 1960s, sentiment against meta-humans was such that the Project was eventually empowered to not merely catalog but the contain meta-humans who were considered a threat to society.

During the ‘Cold War’ between Russia and the United States, the Project was further empowered by being sanctioned to conduct operations abroad in order to minimize another country’s potential to weaponize metas. After the 9/11 attack on Metropolis and the first appearance of Superman, the Project was forced back in to the shadows. Public opinion of Meta-Humans took an upwards turn forcing the project to return to it’s roots. This would last for nearly a decade.

As the tide once more turned against those with super-human abilities, the Project was once more given new life and additional authority. Now empowered to catalog and contain meta-humans and aliens, the NOWHERE was paired with another Project, Cadmus. Together the Projects would begin their first steps towards molding Metas for the next generation and many more to come.


  • Most humans do not know of Project NOWHERE’s existence.
  • People with access to government intelligence or connected to certain clandestine organizations may know about NOWHERE, but very likely think of them along the same lines as meta-human spooks.
  • Since this storyline began two ‘Major Meta-Humans’ have been eliminated in open-RP. Billy Batson and Barry Allen. Billy Batson was outright murdered by NOWHERE, while Barry Allen escaped them but was ‘Lost in the Speed Force’ in the process. In the case of Barry Allen official reports suggest that the Flash lost control of his powers during a conflict with another Speedster.
  • Cadmus has a public science facility in Metropolis, with satellite hubs in Star City, Bludhaven, Gotham and Central City. As well as many across the globe.


  • Prior to coming of Superman in 2001, Metas were largely ignored by general society. Those who kept their noses clean, were largely unaffected by NOWHERE. The opposite can be said of those who took to the spotlight.
  • Following 2001, there was a 10-year period of ‘Boom’ for metas. During this time NOWHERE all but disappeared and Heroes blossomed.
  • Starting in 2010, there was a dramatic shift and once more meta-humans began to be feared. With the rise of Luthor on a national scene, NOWHERE was once more able to act. Meta-Humans who kept their powers secret were mostly cataloged by unmolested. Those who chose to make use of their powers were either recruited or contained.

RAVAGER TEAM MEMBERS: Superman, Miss Martian, Raven, Beast Boy, Thunder, Lightning, Warblade, Omen.