Six Thousand years ago the Pharaoh Khafre ruled the lands northwest of Arabia, along the shores of the Mediterranean. Despite inheriting a land that was lush and ripe, due to it’s proximity to a water source, Khafre would wage war on the neighboring Egyptian dynasties in an all out effort to unite the various kingdoms of the known world. His efforts were ultimately successful, but not without their pitfalls.

One such pitstop on Khafre’s race to world domination was the Kingdom of Kahndaq. The small kingdom of Kahndaq had been ruled for nearly a hundred years by the Ramsesses Dynasty, with young Prince Khufu next in line to inherit. His regent was a well known Champion of the Age, Teth-Adahm famed general and undefeated gladiator who had won Kahndaq’s independence in the first place. Together the two brought peace and prosperity to the land of Kahndaq, even as Ramsesses struggled with Khafre for control of the Egyptian world.

This is where recorded History ends and the sands of time have eroded the truth in to stories of nothing more than Legend. As the Legend goes, Kahndaq was so inconsequential that Khafre barely gave it notice, content to overtake it once the more powerful city-states of Egypt were united. Until one day word reached the tyrannical Warlord of a alchemical discovery that would allow him to enhance his soldier’s armor. All but assuring his complete achievement of the goals to conquer the world. The largest, and in fact the only, deposit of this heralded metal lay in the exact center of Kahndaq.

Now this is where Legend becomes true Myth, found only in the nearly indecipherable rambling of peasants. Pieced together only in the most random of archaeological finds. That one day a star fell from the sky and crashed in the desert just beyond the land where Prince Khufu’s palace resided. Fearing a War of the Gods had caused the heavens to collapse upon them, the Champion Teth-Adahm was sent to investigate. He returned with a sample of this metal. Infering to the Prince that he had not found a fallen god, but a creature not unlike them in that she was a servant of the Gods herself. This was a woman of such exquisite beauty that it brought even the mighty Teth to silence. Only the wisdom of Zehuti had allowed him to understand the stranger’s voice and even then he struggled to understand the terms of her mission. She spoke a mission, a war in the skies, but not one of the Gods. Injured in her flight from this great unknown battle-field, her last last words were… ‘Nth Metal.’

Fearing that the War that was spoke of to be a herald of what was to come? Prince Khufu bid his champion to embark upon arming the Warriors of Kahndaq in preparation. Given the nature of this ‘Great War from the Skies’ that had been spoken of, Prince Khufu would allow no abled body person to be without training and armor. As example of this, he made himself Teth-Adahm’s first student. Providing example to his people that even he would not be exempt from the coming battle.

While the War from the Skies never fell upon them, Khafre’s thirst for conquest did. Ultimately, only the warning of the winged angel from the Heavens allowed Kahndaq to resist.

That was then, but this is now. In the here and now, Kahndaq is a land that spent many years beneath the greater banner of Egypt. Gaining independence within the last one hundred years, it passed from despotic dictator to dictator for most of that time. Only rising in prominence around the time of the first American-Iraqi War, with the help grass-roots campaign staged by a young woman Adrianna Tomaz. She spoke a message to her people of their ancient history and culture. Encouraging the unarmed slaves of the Asim Muhunnad to throw off their chains and stand against his tyranny. While much of her encouragement landed on deaf ears, some began to take her message to heart. One such man was Theo Adam. He became an activist who would try, through words and peaceful protest, to assist Adrianna’s quest to elevate her people.

The quest for freedom in Kahndaq was not an easy road to travel. Adrianna and Theo faced many perils, as did any who would follow them. Many slaves were summarily executed for daring to so much as meet the eyes of Asim Muhunnad. Eventually Theo Adam’s family was forced to send their son away, fearing reprisals. Theo would find a home in the world of America, eventually becoming a research assistant of C.C. and Marilyn Batson. Fate would eventually bring Theo back to the land he had left behind. On an expedition to Kahndaq, the Batson’s discovered the Tomb of Ramesses II. This monumental discovery would lead the way towards proving much of the Myth that surrounded ancient Kahndaq.

While the Batsons were interested in the Historical aspect of their find, something within young Theo would recognize it for more. Driven more by instinct than intellect, Theo went deeper in to the tomb to discover a black scarab encrusted onyx sarcophagus. C.C. Batson was most intrigued by his assistant’s discovery, because the typical sarcophagus is most usually an ornate structure. The glyphs lining this deeper tomb took on a dialect Marilyn could not translate. The locking mechanism was crafted with metallic substance neither could recognize as an element from the periodic table. This was a mystery destined not to be solved, as the Batson’s and their entire expedition were murdered. Apparently by Asim Muhannad, whom had learned of Theo’s presence.

Less than a year later Kahndaq saw the mythical return of the ancient Champion. Some said he was released by the Batsons. Other’s believe the story that circulated among the slaves and peasants; that the Champion’s return was brought forth by nearly dead Theo’s final plea to the God’s of old.

The complete over-throwing of Asim Muhannad would take only weeks. With the transformation of Kahndaq coming in the months that followed. Cultivating a country that believed in older ways, Kahndaq would become known the world over as a place of extensively historical beauty. A haven for wayward souls of the middle-eastern world. Crime became all but extinct, calling the rest of the world’s governments to take notice. The country’s financial struggles ending as swiftly as Asim’s rule, when Batson’s assistant announced a discovery in their Honor. A strange new element. A single ounce of which drug the country out of it’s economic failings.

Just as it was in the Ages lost to Legend and Myth. This strange element’s presence drew the eye of those who sought it’s use for purposes of …. Domination.