She had gained some clarification over the last few days. She wasn’t a prisoner, but she also wasn’t free either. Those that claimed to be protectors of this planet, that kept potential extraterrestrial threats from harming the citizens of this planet seemed to have some difficulty allowing the princess to have autonomy to explore.

She had some time to learn, to absorb the knowledge, the etiquette and the basics of interacting with humans. She tried to keep such things in mind as she grasped for a moment of freedom. Even a few hours away from the watchful eye of her ‘keepers’ was enough to soothe her nerves. She certainly didn’t want to go from one prison and into another. If that were the case she would attempt to give these Earth warriors as much hell as she gave her previous captors. Except, there was nowhere else to go. She had no ship. She was absolutely and completely stranded and grounded on this odd planet.

Her curiosity had still gotten the better of her. Gotham had interesting people and there was one of particular interest. She had heard one side of the story from Dr. Light but she was curious to learn what the stranger in the red cowl may have to say for himself and the ‘crimes’ he was said to have committed.

Though, even at night, that was like searching for a needle in a haystack. It was a large city, there were many rooftops. An hour went by…then another half hour before she settled on a building near where her ship had crashed. There wasn’t even a sign of anything having happened. It was so neatly cleaned up, back to normal.

Part of her wondered how long before they had noticed she had gone missing and how long it would take to find her. She hadn’t even brought any of their technology with her. She found it difficult to find a location to tuck the ‘phone’ away in her clothing. With a heavy sigh she stretched her fingertips towards the evening sky. Stars that she had seen from so many different angles, systems that were unfamiliar and alien to her. She had wondered which one was Tamaran, it was surely lost in the sea of sparkling light that was reflected at this planet so many years ago.

Damien Wayne/Red Hood

It was hard not to notice the flying orange woman in the Gotham sky, and then when she landed on top of a building near Gotham Bay. Landing on the rooftop behind her, Damien’s quiet. Even his landing doesn’t even make a sound. Years of brutal training taught him those lessons. Damien was curious as to why the woman was here. Keeping to a shadow near the edge of the building, he scans the area for Conner. Wondering if Super<i>boy</i> was going to make an appearance along with Wonder Blondie.

When a half hour passed, he felt confident enough to step forward. Though, his foot falls were still silent.

“You came back.”

Damien said, curious about the visitor from another world. He figured that NOWHERE would have kept her locked up nice and tight somewhere, trying to gleam whatever information they could. They even came and got her ship with little to no fuss. Like if the whole incident didn’t happen. He would have been more curious if other events weren’t taking his attention away from what transpired.

After a minute, Damien would pull his helmet off to show Kori that it was him.

“I am surprised you are here. I had assumed Superman had taken you somewhere very far away.” explaining as he stood a distance away from her. But kept his stance neutral as not to attract any hostile attention from him. Though, he had a feeling that she was not here for hostile reasons.


“Are you safe?” asking, curiously.


It seemed far too easy, for a moment her fists were clenched but her fingers loosened and she allowed her arms to drape at her sides. He was a stealthy one and she wasn’t fond of being snuck up on. Her reaction to surprises like that was generally not friendly but she had learned that reacting with violence would only attract more unwanted attention to her.

She calmed once she heard his voice, but she still appeared stiff and guarded.

“Not far enough. I imagine I was taken where I could be observed and questioned. I answered all of their questions, perhaps they do not perceive me to be a threat. I am not sure.”

It didn’t matter in the larger picture of things, she was at the mercy of the kindness and what little trust they extended to her. Even now she knew it may only be a matter of time until they caught up to her.

“They said you are a criminal, that you are a killer. Is this true, Warrior?”

“I am glad that you were not taken far away. But, I imagine they will always perceive you as a threat as you are not of this world. I do not, though. I believe you are lost, that you did not intend on landing here.” gesturing to the bay. “Though, I am assuming you are trapped. As no other alien vessels have come to claim you.” assuming with a shrug.

Damien Wayne/Red Hood

Damien listened when she asked her questions about being a criminal and a killer, his expression didn’t change in the very least, his voice level and calm as he answered her question. “Yes. To both accounts.” Not mixing his words, or trying to lead her astray. “I have broken many laws, and have killed many times.” telling her, his eyes level with hers. Damien wasn’t in the habit of lying. “I am trained to be a killer. I … know nothing else.” giving a half shrug, it was the truth. Though, he wasn’t sure what else to tell her. His past wasn’t a secret, who he was wasn’t a secret. But finding the truth about who he was would be difficult.

But telling her on top of a roof near Gotham Bay was not the place. Maybe once she’s truly free. Slipping his jacket off, he steps towards her. His arm outstretched to her. Showing some kindness that may not have been given to her yet. “It is getting cold. They are expecting it to snow tonight.” explaining as he looked around as dark storm clouds started covering the sky.

“Why are you here?” asking, curiosity getting the better of him. It wasn’t that he was ungrateful to see her. But, he honestly hadn’t expected to see her again. Though, he vowed to find her after he found Joker. Unfortunately, there were priorities.


One thing she hadn’t quite mastered in the form of etiquette was when to respect someone’s boundaries, to keep a comfortable amount of space. It wasn’t something she understood and how she communicated to others was a little more complex than just words. She took several slow steps towards him. His admission causing no reaction of fear or horror or disgust. There were things she did not tell the others that have spoken to her. She was familiar with death, as many perished by her own hands.

She reached out to touch his face with her fingertips, paying no mind to the offering of the jacket. They took the last one, they still haven’t returned it to her. If he allowed the touch he would feel that she was not phased by the cold building in the air. Some exposure to the sun had done wonders for her strength and her health. It also protected her from the elements and kept her warm.

“Any mindless fool can follow training. Why do you do it?”

Her brow quirked with his question. She wasn’t sure she had a clear answer. She could have steered clear, she could have moved on from that fateful evening when she fell from the sky.

“I’m not…trapped. I have nowhere else to go. I am not a prisoner or a slave, if I wish to find a kind stranger, I will.”

Damien Wayne/Red Hood

“I… have been asking myself the same question for some time now.” answering her question, at first Damien started to slightly turn his head away from touch, then stopped to let her fingers touch his face. It was strange to feel that they were warm. Honestly, he was surprised to feel how warm she was. It was unexpected, but then again. She was an alien. “I had been trained from the time I was a mere infant. Along with the Order I was raised into. I … knew nothing else.” a shrug as he glanced down. It wasn’t something he spoke about much, leading by ignorance seemed easier than leading by thought.

Lifting his hand to take hers, he squeezes it gently.

“I fear the organization that has captured you, will attempt to. Though, I ultimately have no proof of this. Just rumors and hearsay.” Damien was being honest. Looking up as the storm gathered, little white flakes flitted through the sky. “You are quite the interesting being.” pausing, then taking a long look at her. “I just realized, I do not know your name. They may have told you who I am. But, Let me tell you my name. I am called Damien. What is your name?” asking, curiosity getting the better of him.

Damien’s voice was even and his breathing calm. He wasn’t fearful of her, and he had no reason to be, even if she wasn’t of this world. “May I ask why you came here? To … Earth.”


Some of the alterations that had been made to her genetic structure had brought about some interesting effects. One of those was being able to have a sense of the emotions of others. It took skin contact, it took a touch as did some of her other abilities. It was something she had grown used to, a tool she added to her arsenal to sense what others were feeling, to see how honest they were. The only deception the warrior caused was by omitting information, information he withheld within reason.

She squinted when she felt that rage, the heat of the anger that coursed through him. It took a lot to bring that out in someone, human or otherwise. He was so very calm on the surface but in the depths of his emotions it was much darker.

“I’m not sure of their intentions with me…I came here to escape that. I was imprisoned for a very long time. I endured a lot that tested my resilience, my mind, my body. I was made to be a warrior, a killer. If I did not kill, I did not live. If I disobeyed, I was punished harshly. I came out of desperation for freedom, even if it meant I died trying.”

The woman from Tamaran obviously hadn’t died but she worried she was going from one prison to another.

“Koriand’r is my name, Damien.”

Damien Wayne/Red Hood

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Koriand’r.” giving a slight bow of his head to her. “I see we are more alike, than not.” Damien had a lot of anger, and a lot of rage as a result of his upbringing. It took his father days, and months to curb that anger…that rage that boiled just beneath his skin. “People on this planet too, have died desperate for freedom. This country we are in were founded by others fleeing from a monarchy that did not allow them to practice their own religion.” he wouldn’t really go into specifics, but the cliff notes should be enough.

“I would not trust this organization that currently has you. They may say their intentions are true, but, do not always believe them.” turning his attention back to the bay. “You have come far for freedom, into a country that idolizes that same freedom. I am sincere when I say that you will have that freedom, Koriand’r.” offering as he looked at her. His breath steady. “But, It will be sometime before this may be able to happen.” telling her honestly. Damien wasn’t sure what she had planned, if she had something planned. But, at the moment. There were more pressing matters.

Taking a deep breath through his nose, he lets it out slowly.

“You are most interesting, and I wish to get to know you better.” Damien would offer just the barest hint of a smile at her. Which, really was rare for him to break his stoic, level gaze. Looking into her eyes, it was fascinating. He honestly wanted to know more, but knew time was not on their side.

“But, I fear that if you are gone much longer. The organization that currently has you will come looking. At the moment, that is not something this city needs.” An influx from NOWHERE was definitely not needed in the city. It’s paranoia was high enough as it is with the mass of ninjas jumping around.


She exhaled sharply, it was nearly a snort. She had gotten a bit of a history lesson already but it had all seemed to tiny compared to where she came from. This was a speck of a civilization, a species that couldn’t even get along with each other. A planet that could not become united no matter how many wished for it. She also feared that no one could truly promise her freedom. The species that had her could easily overcome this planet if given the urge to strike at full force. It would be a waste of resources with perhaps little to gain other than some interesting samples and more odd genetic code to add to their collection.

She lowered her head, pushing her forehead against his with a soft sigh. She couldn’t make him see the true expanse of horrors that spread deep across these skies.

“Human or alien….all warriors fight with purpose, with passion, with some desire and hope for something else. Be it for unleashing the chaos of war and the thirst for blood or fighting because others cannot. When you can tell me your purpose…perhaps we may be able to do that.”

A grin picked at her lips as she quickly moved in to press her soft lips against his. It was a brief moment of tenderness, she hoped that maybe it was something he needed at the moment.

When her lips parted from his she whispered very softly as her fingers traced along his jaw.

“…or they will come for you. Move swiftly, Damien.”

Damien Wayne/Red Hood

The kiss was unexpected, but welcomed and ended far too soon. “I agree. I will see you again soon, Koriand’r.” telling her as he stepped away. Scooping his helmet on in one fell swoop as he turned to the edge of the building and dropped off it without so much a sound. If Kori tried to look for him, she’d see that if was as if he vanished into thin air. No trace left behind, not even a single piece of the few pebbles on the roof weren’t disturbed. Damien won’t forget her. The moment of tenderness shared between them would not be forgotten. But, for now, he had other priorities to attend to.