Synopsis:  On his way to Gotham to track down Alan Scott, Kyle comes across something that gives him an idea on how he might be able to help Kon with his surveillance problem.


There I was on my way.  Ready to head to Gotham.  Plans change, but it seemed that there was more for me to do in Coast City.   More than expected after Superman left.  I did what I needed to do, I went to the home of the previous Lantern’s brother and found what I was meant to find.  I even crafted a costume that was my own. I put my own stamp on it, but as I sailed through the air things changed, the sky was soon filled with darkening clouds as a storm came out of nowhere, but it was unlike any storm that I had experienced before.

I could see the changes occur right before my eyes and despite the fact that it was being gathered in a specific area I watched as people, actual people rose from the ground, if you could call them that.  I could hear a voice, but was faint and by the time I found myself closer to the ground the voice was gone replaced by the sick sounds of flesh and bone moving when I should no longer be able to do so.

The water that came down upon the ground of the passing storm drew forth the dead.  Was that possible. I could follow the storm and investigate instead I focused on where the shambling corpses were headed.  The work site that was closing down shop, because night had fallen and the storm had gathered.

There were people there, innocent people.   Before the construction crew could get assaulted there was green bulldozer blade that shoved the reanimated corpses away.  It cleared the way for the work crew to make their escape.  The next thing that someone would see was someone driving a exosuit cargo-loader similar to the one from Aliens coming in to swipe and knock the corpses away.  I continued doing so until the crews were clear, but the time was all said and done the corpses collapsed to the ground the storm had begun to dissipate.

I could investigate instead I made sure that the construction crews made it out of the area safely.  I know the goal was to use the ring as little as possible now that everyone was out of danger, but I had to make sure they made it out ok.   Some spoke of a tornado that started to gather, but the area wasn’t known for it.  It was all out of the ordinary.

By the time they got to their destination I was headed off, so I could change my ticket.  I needed to catch the first bus to Gotham, if there wasn’t one then I would get back to Metropolis.  There were trains and buses that ran back and forth between the cities all the time. It might be the route to go.  That was what I ended up having to do.

I don’t know if I slept, but I kept thinking about what Con and I spoke about and even now I was working on the sketches. I made sure to sit towards the back and away from everyone else so I could work on creating schematics of the suit.  The first drawing consisted of the suit which could be seen as the top layer, the display layer, the one that everyone saw.  The second began to provide technical schematic of the suit, all the circuits and wires that ran through out the suit.  There was a great deal of micro-circuitry that ran through the suit.  I slipped on a pair of dark sunglasses to help with this.  I faint image appeared in the air that helped me to provide the details that I needed.

No one else couldn’t see it, because under the glasses were the goggles and you couldn’t see the projection without the goggles. I could identify everything that the suit could do, the ring helped with that due the scan it had taken. It picked up everything that was non-Kryptonian.   Including the fact that Con was a clone.  That was stored in it’s memory.  I didn’t even know where that was. I mean the ring itself appeared to be a ring, but it was more than that. It made me wonder how it worked, what it would look like if I could see beneath the surface layer.  I considered seeing if that was possible, but instead I focused on Con’s problem.

He wanted to be free. He no longer wanted to have to worry about big brother and/or sister watching his every move, being able to tell where he was every minute of his life.  Certain systems could be isolated, but the objective was to make sure that if we disabled the surveillance systems, that it didn’t disrupt the Kryptonian one.

The ring was capable of many things, my knowledge about such things were limited.  I could design something that could help, but I could make things worse rather than better.  This required and expert.  This required someone that was familiar with technology of this can, an engineer.   Glancing up I blinked a few times when I saw an older couple looking at their tablet.

K.O.R.D. Industries Tech Genius CEO Returns from 3 Month Space Mission Aboard International Space Station.

“Ted Kord?”  I whispered as the name appeared on the screen. Interesting.  I don’t know.  It might be someone we could work with.  I mean there is Alan Scott, but given Conner works the organization that he does, they might not see eye to eye.

I don’t know him, but maybe.  Maybe he could help us out?  I don’t know, sounds like the path they we might want to take, but I have to talk to Con about it see what I can find out.  See if he can be trusted.   I told him that I would help him. I really want to be able to do this for him, but I don’t want to do anything to screw this up, but at the same time I have to be able to realize my limitations.  I have one of the most powerful instruments in the universe. That’s what they tell me, but is it cable of doing discreet work like that.

More to the point, am I capable of accomplishing something sophisticated like that.  I glance back down at the sketch that I’m making, writing Kord’s name in the corner before resuming my work.  The next layer would need to be made.