Tatsu sat her legs crossed before her and her sword known as the Soultaker laying upon her knees, it’s weight held steady by her right hand on the handle as her left moved a bright red cloth along the flat of the blade. With a slow and determined motion she polished the blade and considered what would come next. Since arriving in Gotham she had not so much as drawn her sword until this very moment but she had not remained Idle.

“I will see you avenged my husband…”

Sliding the cloth back again Tatsu looked into the now gleaming metal and smiled as a spirit moved in and out of view again within the blade itself, a green glow rising then fading from within Soul Taker as the wraith came and then went again. Lifting the blade and then it’s scabbard Tatsu slide it into its sheath and then placed the sword on her hip.

With the sword in place her hands lifted a silver mask with a rising sun emblem at its center from the floor at her side. Moving the mask into place upon her face Tatsu stands and turns to look at herself in the cracked and grim encrusted mirror on the wall of the room she had rented in the Barrows neighborhood of Gotham.

With the mask in place her and the blade cleaned her preparations were done. The armor she wore in addition she had received during her time as a student of Sword master Tadashe of the Sword Clan a man now counted among her enemies. But it would not be the Sword clan she sought out this night. No first she would seek the Yakuza and perhaps she might find the man she sought among them. If nothing else she would feed the sword and perhaps quiet it’s every growing voices.

Turning and taking a single step or at least it felt as such given the rooms claustrophobic dimensions, Tatsu found herself at her room’s window and then out into the night. The Yakuza in Gotham like those anywhere else made their profits from gambling, and various extortion rackets and given her observations since her arrival of those very sort of establishments she knew just where to start.

Leaping from the window to land with perfect balance on the railing along the top of the fire escape outside her window Tatsu scans the street below. She then makes her way to the ground bounding down the rickety metal of the fire escape scaling down until reaching the ground and touching the street with barely a sound.

Her destination was not far, soon she would know if her efforts would bare fruit this night.


Staying low Tatsu surges forward and into the adjacent alleyway gaining speed with each step she moves carefully so as not to disturb so much as a single thing along her path. She would not see her vengeance thwarted by a discarded bottle or a stray animal of any sort so she would move like lightning and step like a shadow. No one would see here before she allowed them to, at least none among the Yakuza. Making a foe of Tatsu Yamashiro would prove a great part of their coming undoing.

Carefully maintaining her silent and unseen approach to her destination Tatsu soon finds herself outside what to most would appear to be but an ordinary dry cleaners. Crouching low she looks up to the blue neon sign sitting over the door that read in occasionally flashing letters Blue Leaves Dry Cleaners. Few knew what this location actually made its money from and much to their coming chagrin a deadly being named Tatsu was among those few.

Moving her eyes along the roof she saw no sentries nor a single camera, but this had little to do with whether either were in place. Of course it mattered little if they saw her coming Tatsu thought to herself as she slowly slid the Soultaker free from its sheath it’s low green aura permeating the space she occupied in the alleyway.

Forewarned or flat footed they would all die, or they would carry on the tale of their comrades deaths spreading her legend to every corner the Yakuza claimed as theirs.

Holding the freed blade to her face Tatsu closes her eyes and says a small prayer to the souls within asking for strength and guidance, and then she begins walking forward toward  the house of blue leaves.

Within and beneath through a hidden door an illegal gambling den resided and from one side to the next Yakuza of every sort sat, some playing some facilitating the games. As darkness fell with the disabling of the power,  Tatsu Yamashiro entered sword drawn…