“Son, are you sure this is where you want to go?”  I could still hear the man’s voice as he dropped me off at the city limits.  It’s exactly where I wanted to be despite the fact sign welcoming people to Coast City read Welcome to Coast Death City, Pop. 0.

Always a welcoming site, but according to the waitress from the neighboring town, three neighboring towns over there was actually some work going on in the area.  There was a crew that stopped in before or after working hours that was heading into the city. That was surprising.  I actually caught a ride in to the city proper on a food truck that drove into the area for the lunch crew.  I may have stretched the truth in saying that I was in the area looking for work.

I look the part sort of. It’s not like I was running around with a school blazer on. We chatted a little and this is where being from California helps. Told him where I had been up and along the coast and even talked about what a shame it was what happened with Coast City.  That’s where I learned that it wasn’t a demolition crew that was coming through, not quite, that’s what a few people believed it was that someone was coming through to kind of level certain areas that were structurally unsafe.  They said that there was construction going on.

Construction?  Of course, being a child of the internet like I was I began to scour the internet for this information.  I had been so focused on the destruction of Coast City that I hadn’t seen anything that spoke about reconstruction.   As we road through the city I glanced around taking everything I could.

I wasn’t sure what I thought I would find.  Ghost town.  Desolate city.   It was one thing for a city to be abandoned, but Coast City was something altogether different.  I kept my comments to myself, because the last thing I wanted was to let out that I was looking for anything but work.   When the truck came to a stop I looked towards the owner and smiled.

“Thanks for the lift.” I told him as I grabbed my bag and slipped out of the truck.

“You sure you’re going to be ok?  Are you going to be able to get a ride back out?”   It wasn’t like that Coast City as the hub of activity at the moment.  Anything but that.

“I’ll be alright.”  That much was true.  I was pretty good at getting around with or without my ring.   “Thank you.”

“Alright, good luck.  I hope you find something,”  he offered with a nod.

“You and me both.”   With that I took a deep breath and shut the door before heading towards the foreman’s office, which consisted of a portable trailer, but the moment the truck pulled off and headed to the designated area where he could set up shop I slipped out of sight walking away from the sight which I took note of.

“Wayne Enterprises.”  I mutter to myself whipping out my phone and added another line to the notes that I had been taking.  Someone was trying to build out this way.   Problem was that they had their work cut out for them.  I didn’t take a look at what was coming up, but when I got far enough away I turned to see the buildings skeleton which appeared to be in the shape of a T at least that’s it looked like.  It was an interesting shape for a building.

Couldn’t exactly make a C could they?  Rather than ponder it more than that for the moment I took a picture of the sight and did what most kids my age would.  I took a selfie. Probably wouldn’t be the last picture I took, but perhaps it was a sign that anything was possible.  That not all was lost, that enough time passed, and it was time rebuild.  I didn’t know the government had given the all clear.   Probably a deal that had been struck with Wayne Enterprises.  You know, if the Wayne name is on it then they will come and such.

Most people said that not many people had ventured to Coast City since the incident.  Most avoided it.  There were people that opted not to take the 101 just to avoid it.  It was weird.  Which I found odd, because it wasn’t like I was completely unaware of Coast City, but it all feels so foreign.  It’s like an entirely different world.  Looking at my phone I slip it back into my pocket after doing a time check.   Burning daylight.  I came here for answers, even though I have no idea what my questions are.

Slipping my bag off my shoulder I open it reaching in to it to pull out the spiral composition book that I had been using to take notes. Can’t be all electronic.  Phones only hold so much of a charge and I also drew some pictures, because I made a map of the city which wasn’t small. However, there were some points that I wanted to check out.  Things that I wanted to see.

I wonder if this means that Edwards has opened back up or if it’s going to remain shuttered?  I remember reading that it had been closed along with Ferris Aircraft.  The incident had impacted not only the city, but the surrounding area.  Coast City had close to seven million residents.  It was a huge population center and with the high number of casualties, the loss of life there’s no way the area wouldn’t be impacted.   There was significant amount of life loss.

Reading over some of the notes I took I turned the corner and found myself staring at an area that hadn’t been cleared out completely.   It wasn’t level anything but.  Buildings were damaged and that was putting it lightly.  They were hollowed, the tops of them have been sheared off and the surrounding area looked more like it had seen earthquake damage more than anything.  There was a crack running down the street and glass everywhere.

Blocks away construction was beginning, but there was still a lot to clean up.  I can only imagine the amount of search and rescue efforts that had been mounted.  At a certain point the city had been closed to the public and officially declared a disaster zone.   Now that it had been lifted repairing the city could begin, which meant that it would soon see a lot of work, which I guess in one way was good, because it meant that people might be able to start healing.

I don’t know why, but there was a part of me that told me I should keep going, but instead I found a spot to sit and pulled out my sketch pad and began to draw, capturing everything my eyes saw. I could easily take a picture, but it felt like that would be a disservice.  I needed to capture on paper.  Waste of time?  Not to me.  I couldn’t forget this. I didn’t want to forget this.

The entire picture took me thirty minutes, but when it was finished I took it in trying as best I could to imagine what it could have been like that day. Shutting my eyes I know that I don’t want to bring anything into existence I just want to get an idea of what it was like before.  Unbeknownst to me my ring began to pulse with light not once, but a few times. After a moment or so I could actually feel the pulses which brought me out of my thoughts. Glancing down at the ring tilting my head I stood up as looked at the ring.  It pulsed a few more times before stopping.

“Hmm.”  Now it’s never done that.  Gathering my thing I stashed them away with the exception of my composition book. Zipping up my pack I looked at the map that I drew that had different areas that I wanted to visit.   Staring off to Star Square I thought it would be the best place to start.  Just to start from there and work my way out. Glancing at the ring checking to see if it was pulsing again I saw that nothing was happening.  Stepping out into the middle of the street I decide to do what I did before focus on what that day could have been like. Just a way to test a theory.

Sliding my eyes shut I begin to focus on that day again.   Shortly after a while the ring begins to pulse , but when I open my eyes there’s something else that occurs the ring doesn’t just pulse there are images created there’s one of a car coming right towards me, but it’s made of green light, but it’s not solid I can tell as it barrels down the road way and as it does I see someone else behind it in the air.

My eyes widen when I see the man.

“Wait..”  He’s wearing an outfit that has an insignia on the front of it much like the one that Ganthet had on his robes.  He’s chasing the car. I watch as he stretches out his arm his hand balled in a fist as the ring emits energy from it forming ice picks that damage the car’s tire causing it to be stopped. The ghost like image fades and the ring continues pulsing.

“You shall have to do.” I don’t know why. I just… have a feeling.

The ring stops pulsing as I turn around coming face to face with the man that was just chasing down the car, but he seems to be frozen in place not looking at me, not looking at anything.  He’s another construct.  “Green…”

“Designation:  Hal Jordan. Jurisdiction: Green Lantern of Sector 2814.  Planet of origin: Earth. Species: Human.  Base of operations:  Coast City.”

I look around to see where it came from when I realize it came from the ring.   It spoke. Again. I remember it had spoken before.

“I…”  I don’t even know.  The image remained there for a moment longer before it faded away.  Looking over my shoulder I try to see if there was anyone else there construct or otherwise, but there was no one but me.  Which is good, because I don’t want to have to explain this.

The ring was no longer pulsing, but it left with nothing but questions.   How and why was that happening?

Hal Jordan.  I had a name.  A name that sounded familiar, but thinking about everything I knew from research and what was shared through Ganthet’s message I wondered if Jordan was one of the heroes that fell during the incident.  Looking over my notes from the articles I read a lot of the information make allusions to an enemy so dangerous that it took the combined might of many heroes to stop it, but they only succeed in driving the threat away from the earth.  Everyone celebrated it as victory, but the celebration was short, given the loss of life that occurred.

I’m sure someone knows what happened, but it’s probably classified above top secret.  They could see it from miles away and evacuations were ordered from the area as the battle began.  The Fall of Coast City, the Battle for Coast City.  The tragedy of Coast City.  Strangely enough it reminds me of that event from Giant Robo, The Tragedy of Bashtarle.

It stuck out from my mind so clearly when I look at the devastation around me.  The lives lost the broken buildings.  The fallout from that massive explosion that tore through the region, but it not only brought darkness to the land it leveled the surface.  The wave of power that spread out from the epicenter left buildings shattered and broken, crumbling as if the area had been through decades of warfare.   That’s what Coast City reminded me of.

I was by no means making light of this by comparing it to events in an anime, it’s simply how my mind worked at times.  References.  Whether it was animation, television shows, movies or things that I had read. The tragedy was real, but the references helped turn the pencils into ink and soon to color.  Everything took on deeper meaning when references were added especially when you felt disconnected to it.  This was a major event for the planet, for California, but for me it was like a different world.

It was like bomb after bomb had gone off across the city as he traveled through the area.  How could I forget this happening?  How could this be something that I couldn’t recall?   Plane crash aside I felt that I should remember something.  When I woke up it had to be something that everyone was talking about.  Everyone was discussing.  This was new.  How does something like this not get talked about not in the hospital or in the lab that they took me took to test and see if I was a metahuman.

I told them I wasn’t, but did I make a liar out of myself, because I have the ring?  But it wasn’t active then.  It didn’t even look the same. It wasn’t green, it was silver, but that night it changed.  The night of the fire. I was pretty sure I wasn’t saved, because I remember hearing Ganthet’s voice while I was laying on the ground.  Nothing protected me.  Months in the hospital demonstrated that.  There was nothing extraordinary about me and no amount of poking or prodding by the government said otherwise, but here I was walking into Star Square because I was on the hunt for information.  Looking for something hoping for something that would give me answers that Ganthet couldn’t, because his time was limited.

He was being hunted by the Fallen One. The one that caused him to think that I was just good enough more like I would do, because why?  He couldn’t go any further?  Any longer and he would have been found.  Was the fallen one responsible for this? Was he the one that destroyed the city?

Looking at the ring I hoped that it might start to pulse again, but there was nothing, not until I moved through the square looking around. It was a place where people gathered, families gathered.  It was a place for the community. There I stood at the center of the square where I found what looked like to be a pedestal and upon it the words hadn’t been crossed they looked like they had been blasted off somehow perhaps sandblasted or some other tool.

Whatever had been there had been replaced with TRAITOR. and MONSTER. “What happened?” What would make someone do this. Why would they do this?

It was here that the ring started to pulse again like it did before first pulses of light then I could feel it vibrate with each pulse.  Reaching out with my hand I did like I did before I thought on what could have been here.  What was here before.   What families were like in this area.  Just normal citizens.  When I opened my eyes it all started to happen lines that turned into shapes that turned into people.  They were gathered here cheering as the statue that once stood here was unveiled for the first time.

It was the same man I had seen before. The Green Lantern, Hal Jordan well it was his likeness good one at that.  I wondered for a moment who they got to do the work. I know neither here or there, but it was a thought that crossed mind.

Alright I guess it’s time to test out the theory pass phrase theory  “You shall have to do.” I said opening my eyes.

There he was in the sky sailing down to cheers everywhere and just like that it was gone replaced with something else a blast of energy that shattered the statue causing me to throw my hands and arms up in a defensive posture.  When everything passed through me I had to remind myself it wasn’t solid.   Looking behind me I cringed a bit as there was very scary looking man if you could call him that standing there.  He was quite imposing, massive even.  He had to be at least eight feet tall with yellow skin.

”Designation: Mongul. Base of Operations: Warworld. Threat Level: High Single combat not recommended.”

“Mongul.” The moment I said it the projected image, all of them faded. They were projects not hard constructs.  It was like watching a bit of a movie or a slide show. Still I didn’t know what that meant. Obviously, he came to Coast City and he wasn’t happy to Green Lantern, but he blasted the statue apart, but it didn’t show him carving the words into front of the pedestal.

The composition book was opened allowing me to sketch pictures of everything that I had seen, images that should remain fresh along with a few notes.  Mongul was added along with the statue as they appeared then and now. I came here for answers and these were all pieces of the puzzle.  Hal protected this city this was his city.   This is where he made his home.  I wonder how long he lived here.

Stopping I tipped my head to the side looking at my drawing them back at the pedestal.   I know I can get pulled into my art when I’m working on it, but I considered myself to have very good observational skills, but I swore that the only thing around it was rubble, where did those vines come through if you could call them that. They looked rather I don’t know less than healthy.

They weren’t pertinent to the picture, but still weird.  Maybe I was more focused on the projections.  Walking away from the statue I looked around my eyes taking in more and more of the area trying to get a better idea of what the city was like. Walking out of Star Square I pull out my cellphone and decided to do search.

H-A-L  J-O-R-D-A-N

He had to be more than the Green Lantern, of course it doesn’t really work like that either.  You can’t just type up someone’s name and get all the information in the world. If they’re not someone that’s been in the news or something to that effect then you won’t get anything. They’ll be a random person with no reason for anyone to record information about.

Yet there is something a few somethings.  First, there’s a few articles about Martin Jordan who was a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft.  Which I know from earlier research is connected or was connected to Coast City, but its operations in the area were shut down when the city was destroyed.  It moved out of the area.  I wonder with Wayne Enterprises coming in if it will come back to help with the revitalization.   Will people want to move back?  I think it’s a fair question.

Walking slowly I go on to learn that Martin Jordan was survived by his wife, Jessica and his three children, Jack, Harold and Jim.  The next article is about home town son Harold “Hal” Jordan coming back to Coast City to work at Ferris Aircraft as a test pilot following in the footsteps of his father Martin.  I can see why the paper would carry that information.  It’s not every day you have something like that happening.  It goes on to provide information about Jordan, his time as a pilot, working out of Edwards and then moving into the private sector to work with Ferris.

I continue to read through the information coming to a stop when I decide to change the search parameters.  I input Green Lantern and scary yellow faced alien.  The ring said place of origin was Warworld whatever that is and I’m not sure I want to find out right this second. One thing a time, but I do want to know more about the altercation. I don’t know if any publication would come back with an actual name, so right now it’s scary yellow faced alien.

It takes a momentum but a few pieces of information come up including one lauding the Green Lantern. Green Lantern and Coalition of Super Heroes Triumphant over Alien Threat.

“Interesting.” It is interesting, because here’s a second incident that would have been all over the news. Something that I would have been able to ignore, something I wouldn’t have wanted to ignore. I mean there are a few pictures, pictures that would have given me something to want to draw and work on. Again, it doesn’t make sense.  Two events in Coast City that I don’t recall and when I try it feels like a distant echo. I can’t even say memory, because nothing happens when I try to think on it. Instead it’s one big haze.  It’s like a fog has rolled in and my memory is obscured by it.  It’s not like I was here when either of those things happened not possible.

Standing still for a moment I try to think about it for a moment.  I try to think on this moment, but nothing comes.  It’s empty. It’s not happening. Looking over my phone I begin to read over the article and that causes me to shake my head. “Wait so Coast City wasn’t destroyed by the Fallen One?” I understand. I’m confused and believe or not I don’t like to be confused. Everything was point to something I didn’t want to consider, but now.

According to the article the unnamed alien and Green Lantern fought above, in and around Coast City which is what ultimately lead to its destruction. This feels like something that would have been caught by someone pictures and everything.  There are very few and it’s not like the internet not to have anything. It can’t be the Dark Web and the government and that’s it.

I begin walking again putting my phone away to converse the charge.  I look at the map that I drew of places that I wanted to visit.  So, there were two battles at least that’s what I’m getting as I make my way towards the one of the points marked on my hand drawn map.  It’s right around the city center which is where I’m located at. There’s a channel that runs through the city dividing it. The bridge would carry me over to the other side, and it was one of the areas that had seen one of the quickest parts of reconstruction. An expressway runs through it, the 101. No way around it unless you opt not to take the express way. I can see it from here, but right now I’m concerned about the information that’s coming out in pieces.

Looking at my ring I check for anything as I keep walking. Perhaps there’s nothing here. Walking away from the area I star walking and I keep walking trying to do my best to keep my mind clear of stray thoughts.  I’m nearing one of the stadiums when I feel the ring start to pulse. Looking at the ring it’s pulsing quickly.

“You shall have to do.”

I don’t see anything immediately until I look over head and I see someone flying through the air more like hurtling through the air.  He hits the ground hard and the mark is still there.  His impacted not only scored the ground, but it ripped it up as he tore through it.

”Stay down and out of my way, Grunge!“

I memorize the face and body of the man that crashed into the ground when he stands. Everything stands out including the winged skull tattoo, but it’s the voice from behind that causes me to turn.


“Desgination: Parallax.  Real Name: Hal Jordan.   Origin: Earth.   Base of Operations: Unknown. Threat Level:  Omega. Permission to kill target on sight granted.

“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.  No one’s killing anyone Mister Ring. “  Kyle held his hand up looking at the green band wrapped around his finger. “And stop displaying that image.” Shaking his hand a few times he watched as the modified image of Hal Jordan as Parallax bounced around through the air and along the ground.

When the ring began to state the oh so helpful who,  what, where and total kill order again Kyle mutter. “Stop! Enough. Finito or whatever,” I shouted and the image faded away.  Hearing it once was enough, but he didn’t want it to repeat itself again.  He wanted to say that it was wrong, but the ring wouldn’t lie to him?  Would it?

Then again it wasn’t the ring it was some kind of prerecorded message like a record. That took a moment to wrap his head around. Figuring out the mechanics of the ring was something that he wanted to do, but he pretty much understood the basics, but apparently there was information that I needed to know. I knew I started things, but this was something I wasn’t expecting.I tell myself to calm down, because there had to be more to it than that.  You don’t just go from being a hero with your won statue to someone that you know is referred to as the Fallen One and apparently enemy number one according to the ring.

It still didn’t explain why I couldn’t recall everything that happened in Coast City.  Something like this isn’t something you would forget.  It would be something that people would recall over and over again.  It would be all over the news.  Before I get ahead of myself I decide to take the moment to find a spot to take a few notes in the form of images one of the man who was a hero a Lantern.  I want to remember him as he was, but I also make sure that record the image of the man he became.  Parallax.

Why? How?  I’m sure I could ask a zillion questions about how that came to be, but for right now it’s another piece of information I’ve collected.  Perhaps it’s something that I need to know required to know.  The little information that was shared seemed to indicate that he was still at large.   It seems that he was partly responsible for the current condition of the city between him and that Mongul it seemed Coast City never stood a chance.

They were nuggets of information, pieces of the puzzle, but not the whole.  I needed more information to complete the picture. I felt like I had been handed a five-hundred-piece puzzle box but there were only fifty pieces inside.   Pieces were missing.  Pieces that needed to be collected in order to help me fashion the complete story.

Shutting my composition book after scribbling down a few notes I moved to my feet so I could continue on my way. There were still a few other place that I wanted to see, before I called it a day. Before long night would fall and I had no intention of spending my night here.  It was a tough call though, because I felt that there was so much for me to learn.

“Don’t freak out, Kyle.  Remember what the doctors  told you.”  Doctors.  Too many of them for my taste, but that’s what they were all about when they were trying to figure out what I was.  I told them plain and simple, Kyle Rayner. I bleed. I had broken bones.  I lived with the fear of possibly not being able to draw again, because they didn’t know how extensive the damage was, but I pushed through that.  I pushed through a lot.

I can’t let this get the better of me. Even though Ganthet gave me the ring something tells me that it would work if I wasn’t capable on some level. He’s not pulling any strings. I’m the one that’s making this happen.

“Can’t go opening door and spazz out at what I find. He said that I was a Green Lantern.  Green Lantern,” I muttered under my breath as I resumed walking up the street. “I don’t know.  I still feel like Kyle and maybe that’s not a bad thing.”  Never was before.  Why should it start now?  There will always be questions some that received answers and some that might not.  I would have to live with that.  Not that it would be easy, because there was a need to figure things out.

I spent more than a few months attempting to recall the events that happened after the plane went down and the voice. It found its way into a lot of the art I did until I became obsessed with it.  Look how long it took to unravel that piece of information.

Back to the doctor’s. They told me that sometimes things couldn’t be forced. Sometimes our minds only allowed us so much that we could handle. It didn’t always work that way, but sometimes it did and when that appeared the case not to force what you want instead,let it happen. The information would come to you eventually. It was there just at the surface sometimes waiting to burst through, but it had to be coaxed not forced.  I coaxed it the only way I knew how by incorporating into what I did best.

Sure, it might not always present itself at the most convenient times, but you work with it. That’s what lead me to spray painting on rooftops.

It was better than attempting to explain to my instructors where the images were coming from and how significant they were to me. The less I told them about it the better.  Just like the ring? Who was I could to tell?  Who was I going to share this with? Something told me that if good man gone bad happened before the world wasn’t going to be thrilled to see another one rising from the ashes so to speak.

Looking out at the road before me I could saw not only the shattered ruins of a once great city I saw a place where hope died, but it can rise again.  As mom says nothing worth having or wanting is easy.   Sometimes, it’s a constant battle and if it’s important to you couldn’t give an inch, no quarter.  Stand your ground and fight.

“That’s what she would say, but I think she would have like ten other things to say about this situation.”  Situation is that the best word for it?  Looking at the ring it began to pulse, but this area wasn’t on my map at least I don’t think it is.  Opening the composition book scanning over the map I had drawn there wasn’t anything on it, nothing that I called out.

Whatever it was it seemed that the ring was adamant about getting my attention.

“Alright.  You shall have to do.”  There was nothing but pulsing. No image began to come into existence.  Looking around them up I saw nothing.  Glancing down I took a step back when I saw the diseased like vine that had pushed out of the ground.  It wasn’t the first time I saw it, but again I swear it wasn’t there before.

“If Wayne Enterprises is going to start doing projects out here they probably are going to have to do something about this, because vines are a bitch to get rid of.”  Looking at the ring it continued to pulse until I noticed when I turned in one direction the pulses slowed.  Turning in another caused them slow even more.  Turning back in the direction I was headed in originally the pulses began to pick back until I made half quarter turns in either direction to see which would cause the ring pulse faster or slower.   Turning towards the west the ring began to pulse faster until it stopped, and a tight beam of green light shot out from it.

“I guess we’re headed that way.”  I moved in that direction realizing that it might take me a little longer by foot.  Quickly I was surrounded by an aura of green light, but rather zipping into the air stuck close to the ground, but gliding about teen feet above the surface as I propelled myself forward in the direction that the ring sent me off in.  Whatever was there here I come. A trail green light flowed behind me until I was out of sight. If my mom could see me now.

She’d freak, but man is this cool.

CONNER:  “Hi, there. I think you and I should have a talk.”

Oh. No. This is not another vision from the past, given by the ring of Oa. This is a living, breathing, cape wearing Superman. Who’s taken to hovering only about ten feet up and over from where Kyle has traversed through Coast City. The uniform is impressive to most. Those who saw the original in person or even in pictures or on television can see distinct differences. The blue is a shade or two darker, the red a shade or two brighter. There is no yellow to the Krytonian shield, just a black backing to the symbol. Where the original Superman might have seemed hung in the air by a complete disbelief in gravity, there’s a twinge of red that encompasses this figure.

Whether or not Kyle really wants to talk with someone? He’s going to get to do that very thing. It wasn’t so much a request, as it was a notification that we are going to talk. “So. You’re new here. It would probably be in your best interests to be more careful. Those Wayne guys are working hard, but this place is still filled with dangers. Even for someone wearing one of those.”

“Power Ring,” whistling like someone would when being impressed by a fancy car. “Nice. I’m going to confess, I’ve met a lot of people with a lot of abilities. You’re my first Power Ring. Does it really work the way they say in the Papers? Light constructs, powered by the pure force of your Will?”

Casually lowering to the ground, not that far from Kyle Rayner. Showing absolutely no fear of the man. Nor do I seem fooled by any sort of effort to conceal the ring itself. While I don’t seem to have heard whatever it was that Kyle was seeing? I do seem to fit right in to the scheme of how played out. He’d heard a voice from behind and mine cut through the History Lesson.

(The rest of Kyle and Conner’s interaction continues in Connections Interlude: Legacies & New Friends.)

That was an interesting conversation a good conversation.  Con takes off and I’m slipping my composition book back into my back pack. Glancing down at the fitbit looking device I smile a bit and focus on what I was doing before I was paid a visit by Superman.  That’s something that you would want to tell your friends, but at the same time it gave me a lot to think about.  I’m glad he told me he was a clone.  Finding out through the ring is one thing, but it’s not something I’m going to blurt out, because you know the entire wrapping your mind around it.  Also, it’s not my business to tell. The fact that he shared it with me said a lot.  Didn’t sound like it was something that he talked to people about. How do you have that conversation.

When you land all people see is the shield and the S everything else goes out the window.  You become that symbol. It would make for an interesting paper.  Iconography in the new millennium. I saw the symbol that as on Jordan’s I guess uniform and Ganthet’s robe.   What would people think when they see that symbol. I hadn’t even found seen a hair of a costume, I didn’t know that there was one for me to wear.

That was something to consider. What would I want my uniform to look like? I mean I’m a cop.  Intergalactic Peacekeepers.  Space cops.  There’s tons of fiction out there about groups like that, but the idea that they’re out there. That they’re real and I’m one of them?  That’s pretty darn cool, but there was something else Con said that gave me the boost I didn’t even know I needed.

The ring chose me.  Yes Ganthet dropped it off with his, <i>”You shall have to do.</i> It didn’t necessarily mean that the ring wanted that which also made me think about the ring a bit.  If it chose me then there are some criteria that needs to be met.  The capacity to overcome great fear. Fueled by willpower.

I take it all in while lifting my hand up.  “Let’s see what you had to show me?  You shall have to do.”  With that the slither of light that was guiding before reappeared much like a compass needle guiding me to my destination. Coasting as quickly as I could.  The DEA was on the lookout for the Green Lantern, the energy signal. I didn’t want to get Con in trouble, but it was a faster way to travel but I didn’t sail through the air I coasted close to the ground again as I came to a stop when the ring began pulsing again and I found myself standing in front of a structure that looked like it was a house once.

Walking up the walk way I stood at the entrance of the house pushing the door open.  I barely put any force behind it but the door fell forward.  Looking around I could make out the various rooms.  The ring starts to pulse and I had to wonder for a moment as I turned to see if there was anything that came into being, but there was nothing.

“You shall have to do.”  And just like that almost like magic the entire house came to life it wasn’t green it was full of vibrant color.  People were moving through the halls, a family.  They passed by like a recording going in reverse until it reached a certain point and moved forward at normal speed.  I could hear the sounds there were explosions going on outside.

“Jack, take Jan and the kids and get out of the city. I can’t.  I need you to all to go. Get to the shelter.  Jim will be waiting for you there.”  Kyle turned for a moment as the man spoke and found himself standing face to face with Hal Jordan. 

“I’m marshalling a force together to stop Mongul, but you have to get out of the area. I can’t guarantee your safety..” Hal looked upon his brother with deep concern.  “Take Jan and the kids and get as far away you can.  Past Edwards.” 

“Hal, what are you talking about.  The DEA…” 

“I’m working with the DEA.”  He said holding up what appeared to be an old style lantern of some kind, but not quite.  Kyle would note that it looked very much like the emblem that Jordan and Ganthet both had.

“I wish I could have told you before, but….now isn’t the time for questions, Jack.”

I  watched as Jordan pressed his ring towards the green device.

“In darkest “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power–Green Lantern’s light!”

100% charge achieved.”

Not only did that happen I witnessed as Jordan changed from plain clothes to his Green Lantern uniform.  My eyes zeroed in on the battery and what the ring said.  The entire scene wasn’t lost on me, but it I couldn’t help but observe the exchange between Hal and someone close to him, brother perhaps they did favor one another.

“I’m trusting this to you. I’ll find you no matter where you are, Jack.  Jim and Sue were out of the area already. I had to make sure that you, Sue and the kids were on your way.”  Hal continued, but Jack was at a loss for words. “I need you to get out. Please.”  The power battery was pressed into his brother’s hands, but he couldn’t speak.

”I’ll explain everything. I promise.” Hal seemed nervous rushed even.   He moved towards the door and as he opened the door and shot out into the air.

”HAL!” The power battery was set down as Jack ran after him and all he could see was a trail of green light after Hal as the Green Lantern went to rendezvous with the task force. Time elapsed it had to be an hour or more that had past as Jack was hustling to get his family out of the area gathering up what they could.  There were trucks that were coming in to evacuate the civilians, but the problem was they thought they had time. They were unprepared for what Mongol unleashed upon them.  The bombs? They hadn’t expected that. Looking up I watched as the sky flashed and it there were dozens upon dozens of spherical objects that rain down upon the city.

Each one that touched down caused and explosion it had begun.

Turning towards the house I watched as Jack pushed his family back into the house telling them to get into the basement, but right across the street a sphere dropped and two houses down another and explosions were triggered, and the entire area was leveled the house still stood, but it was badly damaged. There was no getting out of this. It was hunkering down and praying.

More time elapsed.  More bombs and there were attempts to move people out.  Another transport team came through to evacuate as things were occurring on the other side of the city.  The family was moved out, Jack was unconscious the children crying the mother hysterical, but they were moved out.  I I watch them walk right through me, but I notice there was nothing in their hands only the people. There was no time for personal belongings.

As they move out I look over my shoulder and the transport team, the second one has moved out. Everything thing fades from sight and the scene is as was before desolation. It doesn’t stop me from running into the house.  I look around at the spot where the device had been set down, but nothing was there.  Basement. I pull a flashlight from my backpack and flick it on. I start looking, but pausing in my steps I focus and let the ring guide me.

I make it down the stairs when I find the door that lead to the basement. I take it slow because I don’t know the state of thing.  I look around for a second for anything and at first there’s nothing.  I swing the flashlight around, but then it happens the ring glows and almost like magic there’s a bit of a flash and the green looking lantern reveals itself. I swear it wasn’t there before it was not sitting there. It’s like it came out of nowhere.

”Power battery successfully retrieved.”

Walking over towards it I take it by the handle holding it up, but I don’t touch the ring to it.  I think about it, first as I walk up the stairs slowly remembering everything I saw and everything that Conner said.

We bear the burden of our predecessors.   Their triumphs. Their defeats.  Their catastrophes.  Making my way to the entrance. I step outside considering it all.

Touching the ring to the power battery I take a deep breath.

“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power—

–Green Lantern’s light!” There’s a flash and two things happen.

100% charge achieved.”

When the flash of light dies down I stand there not in my clothing, but my uniform which is a bit of a different take, but definitely something I can work with.  I let the generate a mirror and I look myself over.

“Bad ass.” I tuck the power battery away and I head off in the direction I came in go high and fast.  Will this get me in trouble maybe but right now I just want to live in the moment.


I’ll be back I know I will. I want to see what becomes of Coast City.  Gotham City. Alan Scott.  At least it’s closer to Metropolis.  I head where I need to go so I can catch my bus.  Leaving Coast City behind.


As Kyle sails away into the sunset ready for new adventures he looks towards tomorrow unaware of what remains behind as the ground pushes up and away as the diseased vines that he noticed in areas of the city pulsate for a moment before they cease movement.

“Married on Wednesday. Took ill on Thursday….Alan Scooooooott Green…Greeen.  Gooootham City…Hoooome.  Grew worse on Friday. Died on Saturday. Going Home.”