Synopsis: Faust is summoned by the Deputy Director in charge of Mystic Affairs within Nowhere to investigate and address a coming threat in Gotham.  From Faust’s perspective things seem set for a test and observation for a potential future assignment that the Deputy Director may see fit to outsource.

-Several hours after the events in Gotham transpired involving the cultists.–

Striding down the corridor he paused for a moment turning his attention towards the shadows tipping his head to the side. He tipped his head down to look over the edge of the dark glasses he wore.  “That’s not very nice.”  The words were directed towards an unseen figure while the dark-haired man retrieved an item from the inside of his jacket pocket.

“I was summoned.  You were not.  Let’s not turn this into some ugly business.  We know how he can get.   Play nice and I’ll bring you and your master…”  He smirked at that, because he really didn’t know how that twisted relationship worked.

“Something nice.”   Sliding his finger up the tip of it lit up with a single flame allow him to light the cigarette that he slipped into his lips.

“Promise. Cross my soulless little heart.”  Chuckling he turned away from the shadows resuming his approach to the office that had been summoned to.  Knocking upon the door three times he waited for it to open.  The sides of the door slid open retreated into the walls revealing the office inside.  It appeared to be no different than many of the offices contained within the building.  When the doors shut behind him, he turned waiting to make sure that his ‘shadow’ had accepted his offer.

When he saw that there was no sign of his trail he turned towards the man behind the large desk, taking a drag from the cigarette in his mouth. Removing it he released the long stream of smoke looking towards it then towards the man behind the desk.

“They really should do something about this.  It’s far too large and you’ll never use it.”  He offered while stepping towards the desk taking a seat before it.

“Before you ask.  Yes, I’m alone.”   Paranoid much?  Always.   Always.  Always. It did bear repeating three times, but what are you going to do right?

The man didn’t speak instead sliding a lone manila folder towards him.  The other was held back, the one that was passed to him was thin, the other was a bit thicker.  The edges were worn, nicks along it, a few tears.  The second revealed all that he needed to know.   He was quite familiar with he second folder, so the dark-haired man chose to focus on the first one, the thinner of the two.

Setting the cigarette down into the ashtray on the desk he reached for it with a single finger drawing it towards himself opening it slowly, so he could look through the information that had been gathered, but instead of a file full of information and pictures, there were two sheets of paper.  The top sheet had had what some would say was nothing but scribblings upon it, random one might accuse, but anything but that.

“Faust.”  The man behind the desk finally spoke the dark-haired man’s name motioning to the cigarette.

Faust pressed his tongue against the back of his teeth reaching for the cigarette. Lifting it he pressed it into the bottom of the ashtray extinguishing it before returning his attention towards the sheet of paper.  It was heavy, that’s because it was more than just paper it was parchment.

“Vellum.”  It was far from new, but usually used for certain cases.

“I see.”

Examining the first sheet he glanced down at what had been recorded.  What started out as a line turned into lines of loops that stretched from one side of the sheet of calf skin.  It continued for three lines before it began to turn into letters that formed words.

Demons.  Death.  Power.


There was an arch of the brow that meant that he should continue.   Faust had no problem with that. He continued the movement of his eyes slowing until it settled on the next work after another line of loops.


With Roth in Kahndaq handling business he knew why he was here.  Bases were being covered.  The Deputy Director wanted someone to look into this.  Faust would not go as far as to say that stars were aligning, but there were some things that could not be ignored.


“Really. That doesn’t surprise.”   Not at all.   There was something quite cheeky on the tip of his tongue when he found himself prevented from continuing.


The sound of the Deputy Director’s hand hitting the surface of the desk causing it to shake was enough to focus Faust’s attention.

Faust’s eyes drifted down a few lines further.


Scanning each line from behind the dark sunglasses he wore until he reached the end he paused for a moment.

“A test?”  Pursing his lips together he wondered if this was appropriate, but it wasn’t his to worry about right?

“It could be, can be problematic truly depending …”  There was something to consider there.   Colors Gold which was less a color and something else.  That could be quite problematic.

All of this and there was a second sheet of vellum.

Lifting it up and he tipped his head to the side.

“Now this is really rich.”   He grinned a bit.  “However, I believe I understand where my journey begins.”

He glanced at the line of loops.  They were order and done in such a way that they spelled out a single letter, one that said everything.

“Do you think I will be welcomed?  You know when we darken doorsteps most do their best to turn us away.”  A single brow rose from behind the dark shades that set upon his face.   His lips couldn’t help the smirk that it wore.

“Are you sure I’m the right individual for this?  She’s definitely not soft on me.”  He offered before shutting the folder.    It seemed that the Deputy Director had not given up on the main task.   No matter.

“I shall see this done through to the end.” Well at least the notification.  He could do that.  “Shall my shadow follow me to give everyone a proper view?”   There was silence to that meaning that it was left up to him.

“You do know that it could lead to curious minds.”  He offered, but perhaps that is the way it was meant to be.


“I’ll be on my way then unless there was anything else you would like to share.” Faust turned his attention towards the second manila folder.  “Any news from Raven?”  Perhaps she might have picked up on something.  It was possible.


“’Fraid not then.   Bit of a downer that she’s not going to be here to see her favorite spellcaster.  I always do enjoy when the two of them sit down to tea.  Perhaps another time.”  Perhaps.   Faust smirked before leaking the office.


This was going to be fun, the best time ever.  That’s what he would continue to tell himself as he got ready to step into a Pandora’s Box of bullshit.

“Oh, just to make sure that they know that I’m not making this up.  Can I take this?”  Reaching for the second sheet of vellum rolling it up.  Would it be too much ask for a wax seal?  Probably this should be enough.

Now he will be on his way.