And it turns out that what they want – for our purposes at least, in Bisexual Husbands – is ridiculously hot

At our house, the scene was carefully set. The two of you know me too fucking well. Ten minutes later, back at our house, there we were, Roger leaning hard on the doorbell before I could get my key out, and you, opening the door in your sleek leather pants, tight white tank top, high-heeled boots. You looked so fierce, I could have come on the spot. Your eyes told me that I should have known better. That I was too slow to figure things out. Fuck, Elena, the way you looked stripped down with that harness and its big, obscene cock. Your pale skin, long dark hair, midnight eyes alert and shining.

I wanted – well, you know damn well what I wanted. The negative, harmful perceptions are far and away from the realities and truths about bisexual men – who, in fact, know exactly what they want and who they love , thank you very much. It actually is a thing and a very popular thing , it has just resided primarily on the fringes of roughly written fetish porn – until now.


Marcus kicked off his own briefs, and the two athletic lovers went head-to-toe on the mattress. I actually stood up with my back to the wall, so I could gaze down at them. They became a sort of sucking machine. Jason got to know the sensation of cocksucking for the very first time. I plunged my fingers into my panties and really worked my clit.

The gift turned out to be two-fold, because I had never seen anything as sensual, as awe-inspiring, as the way Jason looked with his mouth full of cock. Bisexual Husbands is where we get to see realistic, hot, smart stories about bisexual men exploring their dirtiest, most sensual and most thrilling fantasies – while in the same picture is someone they love and trust someone who loves and trusts them, too. Working with the authors on these stories was a blast.

I knew what I had in mind, but once I cut these talented writers loose, they kind of blew me away when the deadline hit. Now I was jealous. But not because Owen was getting a blowjob from my pretty wife. I actually thought of pushing her aside. How rude would that have been? Even in my dreamy sex-haze, I possessed better manners than that. Instead, I sat back on my haunches, and I actually got one hand between my legs, thinking of stroking myself through my slacks while I watched them.

For the first time ever, I was jealous in a sexual interaction

How surprised was I when Owen grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to look up at him. I went wide-eyed. My hand dropped to my side. I was baffled by his tone, but I was also more aroused than I could ever remember. Throughout the collection, I wove in a few signature cocktails as icebreakers, and a handful of practical tips that real-life bisexual men and their partners will appreciate.

My hope is that Bisexual Husbands contributes to giving us a different way to talk about what male bisexuality means.

I caress your faces as you pin me between you, and your tongues intertwine. I can smell you both all over me. I can feel your cocks hard against me — you against my thigh, him against my buttmon perceptions about bisexual men appear designed to hurt them, and come from the same dated, harmful sexual stereotypes that use shame to keep people in the closet. Culturally denied a range of healthy sexual expression, men whose sexual orientation San Angelo Texas best hookup apps is bisexual are characterized as confused — by people, I believe, who have never actually spoken to a bisexual guy.