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    Just wanted to do a wrap up on the N.O.W.H.E.R.E/D.E.O. interview.

    Doctor Light is going to run interference. What this means is that he’s going to allow Connor to do an end run around the higher ups.

    The best way for Koriand’r to gain some modicum of freedom is to be introduced as a new member of Conner’s team. However, Light suggests doing this as a joint introduction with Wonder Woman. If the hammer falls and may well do so, then it’s better to have the two of them united on this front rather than apart. If Light needs to speak with Cassie regarding the matter than he’s willing to do so.

    Given M’gann and Koriand’r (apostrophe sisters) are bonding Light asks that M’gann evaluate Koriand’r’s combat skills. Get an idea of what training she has mentally and then put her through a series of exercises physically. Use Conner’s apartment. He has the room for it. If she goes in to HQ or any of their satellite offices, then she might not walk out.

    Light will begin filing his report, but it will take some time given Koriand’r’s delicate condition. New world, she’s latched on to Conner (sorry Cassie) and she only feels safe around him. It appears to be a case of asylum, but both he and M’gann are making progress to get the entire story.

    The shuttle pod/ship she arrived in I believe should have been turned over to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. That should give them something to occupy themselves with. Hopefully, gains some additional information about the technology and add it to the current detection/defense system.

    Assuming Light can chime in regarding this “Supergirl” if Conner has not flown off, he will agree that Conner should check it out. He will also use this to help turn HQ’s attention from Koriand’r (sorry not sorry Kara. He knows the Tamaran.) It will also be used to gauge their reaction as to whether or not its wayward clone. Another Kryptonian is a Threat Level Red and once report or suspected probably supersedes other protocols especially if there is a team in place to address another alien sighting.

    Regarding Koriand’r’s introduction they will need to decide if they want to introduce her as a metahuman or fullblown alien. Light can work with either, but the world is a bit gun shy about aliens, so there is that to consider. However, in the interest of full transparency it could score a win for the government that they’re being open and honest and about the work that Superman and Wonder Woman are doing. Light will throw in it will go a long way into helping Wonder Woman’s campaign of helping and protecting everyone that wants to help.

    Codename: Starfire. How anyone wants to come up with it is anyone’s choice. Light’s reason would be that her arrival was light a shooting star and her skin is the color flames…fire. Starfire. However, anyone wants to work it out is fine, but Koriand’r’s true name should be kept out of the public. Meaning that someone gets to have the secret identify conversation with Kori.

    Red Hood involvement. This will not be overlooked. Superman and Light will do their duty submit this information to HQ. Facial recognition will be utilized. Light will request that the jacket be handed over as it is evidence to help deal with the Gotham vigilante criminal known as the Red Hood. When handed over it will be examined, for hair, fiber, blood sweat and whatever else they can get out of that to acquire any forensic materials.

    Last but not least. There was a little bit added at the end the scene for M’gann that was not able to be added during play, because sleep demanded it, but I added it when I posted the scene.

    The telepathic telegrapher will be reaching out soon, but he gave her a big clue dropping Professor Yana’s name.

    I believe that covers it.

    If you have any questions reply to this thread. If there’s something that you don’t want to share with the class just yet Direct Message me on Discord.

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