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    Obviously time is a little bit fluid when it comes to balancing player schedules with each other, and the getting games accomplished. Sometimes something that takes us weeks to cover in a game is really only over the course of a few days. Or two in this instance. I wanted to provide a little bit of an update on here with a timeline. I know we’ve got characters all over the country, but I think having them be aware of some of the big things going on will let us make sure they’re all connected, and help us with overall flow! With that said, here’s my first installment of ‘The Last 48 Hours.’ People that have noteworthy things that would make the news are absolutely welcome to chime in.

    • Flash Meets Batman and Wonder Woman: Batman (Tim Drake) and Wonder Woman (Cassie Sandsmark) travel to Central City to talk with Wally West. NOWHERE has beat them to the scene, and a fight ensues.
    • Flash and Batman fight Kilgrave: Flash and Batman return to Central City, to fight a menace that’s been plaguing the area. Batman disappears from the plane afterwards, leaving Wally to be taken to Metropolis.
    • Fawcett City School Explosion: Freddy has a run in with Black Adam, and the Crocodile Men try to attack the Wizard’s Sanctum. The resulting conflict/destruction is publicized as an accident. When Freddy leaves the Sanctum, he’s in the Metropolis Library.
    • Freddy Meets Superman: After calling Cassie for help, the pair are joined by Conner Luthor. Some couple’s counseling ensues, and they jointly agree to take the Amulet from Fawcett to someone Conner knows for protection.
    • Amulet given to Helena Sandsmark: The ‘someone’ that Conner knows is Helena Sandsmark, a curator at the Metropolis Museum, who has a special vault to tuck such things away in.
    • Cassie Goes to Olympus: Leaving Conner to square away the Amulet, Cassie follows a lead to try to speak with her Father, only to find herself pulled directly to Olympus itself.
    • Cassie meets Flash in Metropolis, Conner meets GL, then Canary
    • Night at the Museum, Carryover into Coast City

    At the end of the night, Wonder Woman will be making a statement of sorts (probably as she helps clean up the disaster that’s the museum/surrounding block), introducing her new friends to the world. I’m intending to write this out, just haven’t done it yet.

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