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    This topic is for us to get an idea of what our current availability is in order to coordinate games.

    This can also aid us in determining whether or not we may need to seek other means to complete scenes depending on who’s involved and what their availability is. Other mean to complete scenes involve forum, google docs, email, etc.


    Marc’s availability

    Currently things have gotten back to normal at work and getting back to my regular sleeping patterns.

    M – T 8pm Eastern to about midnight or 1pm if SM is involved. Unless I have prior commitments.
    Fridays – 9:30 pm Eastern to whenever. It can be earlier (8pm) if arranged before hand.

    Saturday – Most of the time I’m pretty open through out the day. Unless I have prior commitments.
    Sunday – Usually towards the afternoon to about midnight or slightly later if SM is involved. Again barring any prior commitments.

    This may change as the year goes on as theirs a few projects at work that may tax time and brain power, but I will keep you guys aware of any changes.


    My availability is bunk right now. In fact it’s been so bad that I owe everyone an apology. My only specific day off currently is Sunday and most Saturdays. But, I’m currently managing two entire states for T-Mobile. So as Michele can attest too, I spend a hefty chunk of my days off on the phone dealing with quirks with one store or another.

    That said my stores do close normally by 10PM, Central Time and I’m usually able to stay up until 1-2AM. So as long as we plan in advance I’m able to play during those times.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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