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    Not so much a specific storyline just some general discussion around locations.

    I know stories take place all over the DC Universe, but there is a heavy concentration in Gotham and Metropolis areas.

    Previously there were some write ups down for Metropolis and one in the works for Gotham. Do we want to establish information about some of the cities again.

    Gotham while corrupt has a very organized crime population beyond the masks. I know it will help me a bit to know who’s tangling with who at times and what areas they control.

    Ben previously did a good write up of the Gotham organized crime situation: Gotham Underworld

    I know there has been some mentions of the Yakuza in Gotham so they may need to be a group added, but this is what we’re working with at the moment. I think most of the information is still relevant.


    I did write up on Metropolis based around information from Wikipedia, DC Database and some in game knowledge. Most of the information has been updated or replaced with the Metropolis information from the DC Adventures game with some modifications to make it more in line with the setting.


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