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    In a shocking turn this weekend, Fawcett City’s sole High School was the site of a terrible accident. Investigators are reporting that an antiquated broiler system beneath the original building structure catastrophically failed. Reports indicate that the Police, Fire and Rescue were notified sometime after the midday bell, to reports of fire in the lower basement. Authorities were in the process of evacuation when the broiler reached it’s final explosive end. Current speculation is that there was a micro-leak in existing methane lines, which added to the explosive payload when the broiler sparked in to a fire. However the investigation has not concluded, nor have the full extent of casualties been reported. It is, at this time, confirmed that numerous members of local law enforcement, fire and rescue and even park services were lost in the initial explosion. Additional casualties are expected.

    This is being covered on all major news sources and is being touted as one of the most dramatic ‘accidents’ on U.S. soil in modern history. President Luthor offered his condolences to those lost and his praise for the honorable service men and women who saved those they could. While he has not politicized the event specifically, it has been noted that President Luthor specifically aimed his remarks of praise at paid, authorised members of law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency medical staff. He went out of his way, in fact, to praise Police Chief Callaghan and his people.


    Only three people survived to know what truly happened here today. Sobek, Black Adam and Freddy Freeman. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was on scene in the aftermath and they are the reason for the expedient press release about this being a ‘Natural Disaster.’ Despite their presence, there has been no indication of Meta-Human involvement officially.

    Unofficially, NOWHERE does believe that this was an unnatural event. They have employed a standard team to investigate. But the detonation was caused through ‘unexplained mysterious means’ (aka Magic). The spark of lightning that set off the explosion left no discernible evidence. So at this time even NOWHERE does not know, fully, what happened here.

    In addition to this; Characters who have reason to recognize Black Adam’s human form -and- that are very good at the skill of observation. Might be able to pick him out in the crowd of ‘Survivors’ that were supposedly rescued just prior to the explosion. When interviewed or spoken too, those Survivors have no recollection of how they managed to escape the brunt of the explosion. And seem to have blacked out momentarily, before opening their eyes to the sight of fire and rescue.


    Freddy’s going to enter the Wizard’s Sanctum back through the door in the Metropolis library to look over the books that Solomon called to his attention. The ones dealing with Osiris, Hades and eternal life. He’s attempting to glean what information he can from them along with other items that were strewn about in an attempt to find a clue while Conner and Cassie try to learn what they can on their end.

    He’ll also replay report about what happened at the High School. Studying it several times would he be able to pick out Adam?


    When Freddy returns to the doorway he came through? It’ll open, just not to the Sanctum of the Wizard. He’ll be looking in to one of the Metro-Library’s large archival rooms. He’s got the gift of Solomon on his side, so he’s going to know immediately that this means one of two things.

    (A) Either his access to the Sanctum has been Revoked. This would require either the Wizard or someone with -MORE- power than the Wizard to have essentially assumed possession of the Sanctum in his absence.
    (B) Someone else opened one of the myriad of other doors from the outside, that lead to the Sanctum. Another doorway has either been left opened or is being held open. Solomon might give Freddy information on how ‘Gateways’ work (taken from the pages of the DC Adventure Journal). Essentially they form wormholes between two points. They can span time or space, or both if the person who created it was powerful enough. However when the wormhole is connected, it can’t connect to elsewhere. (Does Freddy watch Stargate?)

    Unfortunately, I can’t really give you a clue as to which of those options it is yet. The same stuff that triggered Freddy’s meeting with Black Adam, also triggered another little Mini-SM, that is still pending. Soon as I’m done there will be more information to be had.

    That’s the bad news.

    The good news is that Freddy can absolutely recognize Teth-Adahm. After walking a mile in his boots, thanks to Solomon, he knows Teth’s mortal coil almost as well as he knows his own.


    Freddy would keep A in the back of his mind but will lean towards B. If someone more powerful than the Wizard has stepped into the Sanctum Freddy feels that there bet a bit more to it.

    Oh yes Freddy has watched Stargate. He’s familiar with the the benfits and costs of keeping a Stargate open for extended periods of time. No one can connect to the gate while it’s active, meaning another wormhole can’t form while one is active until the points are disconnected.

    The good news is tucked into his back pocket. He has to decide what he’s going to disclose regarding Adam’s mortal form.

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