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    Hey Gang,

    I was asked to post an update on the overall situation in Gotham City. There are three prominent storylines taking place in Gotham at this time.

    1. Bruce Wayne was murdered nearly two “in character” months ago. [ This storyline is being ran by Ashley and is meant to be the main story for the setting, not something resolved quickly. ]
    2. Cluemaster has begun a small plan to rise in power and prominence. [ This storyline is being ran by Michele. ]
    3. The Joker has kidnapped Talia al Ghul, setting off a “War on Gotham” by the League of Shadows. [ This is being ran by Ben/Doug. ]

    Since the Murder of Bruce Wayne, the City has had a breakout of the Arkham Asylum. The rise of the Cluemaster. Red Hood and Joker have torn through the criminal underworld. Most recently the League of Shadows has come to Gotham turning the streets in to a veritable war zone. This has forced the Mayor of Gotham to declare a state of emergency. He’s asked for assistance from State Authorities to restore order.


    Killing Joke SL

    • Day One: Talia al Ghul was kidnapped by the Joker, from the Iceberg Lounge, while she was visiting with the Penguin. Scores of Witnesses. Very public.
    • Hours later copies of the “Killing Joke” video first came to the Gotham Broadcast Company.
    • Day Two: Red Robin and Black Canary set off to track down the Red Hood aka Damian Wayne. Locating him just after he killed Firefly. With the assistance of Batman, the trio seemed to bring Damien in to line, just before the Batwing was somehow sent crashing in to the rooftop.
    • Day Three: Having narrowly escaped being blown up, Black Canary, Red Robin,
      assisted by Alfred Pennyworth, sought to investigate the initial kidnapping and question the Penguin. Havok and a Deathstroke sighting, lead to the near annihilation of the Iceberg Lounge. As this was happening, the Batman (Dick Grayson) and Red Hood (Damien Wayne) are seeking an audience with Ra’s al Ghul (scene yet to occur).
    • Day Four: Red Hood was able to ‘seek an audience’ with his Grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul. Unfortunately he had to do this alone, as Dick Grayson was forced to investigate the lost communication with Alfred Pennyworth. Upon returning home Dick would discover that the Mansion was under assault by the League of Shadows and that Pennyworth was mounting a defense. Despite the presence of the Batman, the League’s assault continued until they seemingly found what they were looking for. This left Alfred and Dick to realize that they had not managed to force the League’s retreat, they simply left on their own accord. During the battle at Wayne Manor, Damien was speaking privately to his Grandfather. They came to something of an agreement. Later that day Helena Bertinelli would mark her return to Gotham with a visit to Wayne Manor and see the impact of the attack.
    • Day Five: Working off of Intel received from Damien’s meeting with the Demon, Red Hood, Canary and Batman made for a rescue attempt of Talia al Ghul. Joker had hijacked the Destiny, a large luxury yacht, filled with people for a large charity function. While the Canary faced off with Harley Quinn, the Red Hood raced against time to free his mother and the Batman worked to disarm explosives lining the boat (and many of the attendants). The insanity of the final battle is logged here: Killing Joke: Finale?!

    In closing:

    1. Talia al Ghul was rescued. However even before this, the League of Shadows had withdrawn from Gotham. In doing so they have left the Daughter of Ra’s behind. Those connected to the underground will know that Ra’s was making an example of her to his Followers, that no one is exempt from the punishment that comes in going against his commands. Any one making an effort to contact the League will be greeted with silence for the time being. Again though, those with connections, will know that this is a ceremonial time of mourning the loss of an Heir for the Demon.
    2. The Destiny was rigged with a veritable ton of explosives. The Heroes were not able to disarm those explosives, though Batman and Red Hood were able to save a good number of people on the main deck. The survivors (including Talia) will need to be treated for the scarecrow’s fear toxins. These were not being inhaled, but injected directly in to the blood stream to maximize their effects. Obviously this will leave a lasting impression upon those infected.
    3. Over the next couple days the Gotham Police Department will be able to identify most of the victims and separate them from Joker’s goons. ( The Heroes rescued people indiscriminately, so they must be identified once the police are able. ) In those same days Martial Law will be lifted as Gotham’s Police force is once again able to bring the city back to it’s normal levels of crime and villainy.
    4. Last but not least, neither the Joker -or- Batman were found in the wreckage of the boat’s explosion. The newspapers will take this to mean both of them escaped. || However, those connected to the Bat-Family will know that the Huntress fished Batman out of the harbor. Only Batman knows how he got out of the Boat, and he intends to have a discussion with the writer of the note he found on himself (Catman).
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