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Killing Joke SL

  • Day One: Talia al Ghul was kidnapped by the Joker, from the Iceberg Lounge, while she was visiting with the Penguin. Scores of Witnesses. Very public.
  • Hours later copies of the “Killing Joke” video first came to the Gotham Broadcast Company.
  • Day Two: Red Robin and Black Canary set off to track down the Red Hood aka Damian Wayne. Locating him just after he killed Firefly. With the assistance of Batman, the trio seemed to bring Damien in to line, just before the Batwing was somehow sent crashing in to the rooftop.
  • Day Three: Having narrowly escaped being blown up, Black Canary, Red Robin,
    assisted by Alfred Pennyworth, sought to investigate the initial kidnapping and question the Penguin. Havok and a Deathstroke sighting, lead to the near annihilation of the Iceberg Lounge. As this was happening, the Batman (Dick Grayson) and Red Hood (Damien Wayne) are seeking an audience with Ra’s al Ghul (scene yet to occur).