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Hey Marc!

Most of this is easy to answer. You asked one question that’s going to require me to ask a counter question first.

1. How long since Freddy and the Wizard have spoken.
— The Wizard would have gone silent just after Freddy passed his second trial. There is a reason for this silence, but Freddy doesn’t yet know the why.

2. Is the Wizard’s sanctum reachable?
— I’m working on the assumption that you mean the sanctum he he had in the pre-“New 52” stuff. In which case the answer yes. The Wizard’s Sanctum is located in Greece, but there are doorways to it all over the world. Freddy has the Wisdom of Solomon, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to find the nearest one. It’s in the basement broiler room of Billy Batson’s old school.
– The Wizard’s sanctum is ransacked. There are signs of a struggle, that he’d recognize with Solomon’s help easily. Lots and lots of Magical damage. Scorching. There are also very clear indicators that the mystical warding and barriers were broken. Meaning that whatever attacked Shazam, actually broken -through- his defenses.
– I would note, however, that there is actually no evidence of the Wizard himself being part of the fight. If he was there when all the damage happened, he either didn’t participate in the fight or was somehow prevented from fighting.

3. You also asked about the means of contact. Whether it was direct contact or a meeting place?
— Prior to the start of the Trials, Freddy was likely brought or lead to one of the entrances to the Sanctum. He would have also been taken at some point to the Rock of Eternity, to see if the Gods would give him the blessing to begin the Trials.
— After the Trials started the Wizard would have left Freddy alone to pass the trials without assistance. However he would have appeared to guide Freddy to where ever he needed to -be- to take each subsequent trial.


The last bit is also where I have my question. Is Freddy going to actively -try- to go to the Wizard’s Sanctum? This would actually trigger a scene we’ll need to do.