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@Marc; Great question at the end. I realize that I covered that in RP, but didn’t mention it here. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. actually identifies itself as a branch of the “Department of Extranormal Operations.” They have all the proper credentials..etc. This is significant, because if someone were to research this (such as Tim Drake has done), they would find that the D.E.O. is operated and reports to the Metahuman Affairs Senate Committee. The committee chairman is Amanda Waller, who reports directly to President Luthor. However, as Tim uncovered, the credentials people such as Raven, M’gann (or even Conner) actually have? Do not drill back to actual personnel files.

As for the Police Chief? He’s extremely willing to cooperate with Freddy, because Freddy is seemingly one of the only people in the whole City that didn’t get mind wiped. This is of course curious to the Chief and so he’ll let Freddy get close, because as Freddy is trying to learn so is Callaghan. We don’t need to devote an entire scene to this but Freddy coming in to contact with the Broach would actually trigger a sort of Mini-Event. Essentially the moment he touches the Broach, Solomon is going to bless Freddy with some insights. He’s going to see similar events to what Cassie saw in her meeting with Tim Drake. -Except- that it’s going to be the living, breathing, experience. Instead of just seeing it as a movie in the third person. Essentially, Solomon is going to let Freddy live and breathe the events of Teth-Adamh’s transformation in to Khem-Adamh (Black Adam). He’ll teach Freddy about the connection between Adam, Isis and Osiris. Lastly, Freddy will come away from this vision with the certain knowledge of that Broach being a container for some small portion of Osiris’ soul.

Solomon isn’t going to be really “give” Freddy a lot about Callaghan other than to confirm Freddy’s suspicion that the Police Chief is acting well above his means. As Freddy gets closer to the Chief, there will be little hints and clues that will surely confirm that he’s dealing with an Avatar of the power he’s seeking. But the Police Chief is either playing his role really well or genuinely has no clue. Leaving Freddy to wonder, what he’ll need to do to complete this portion of the Trial.