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@Michele; Just for your N.O.W.H.E.R.E. would actively question Cassie about the incident. She’s met Raven before, so she knows how the woman operates. Raven won’t press Cassie too much due to the arrangement Conner made. In fact her calling them in serves to strengthen the fact that Cassie is being “brought on board.” So long as Raven doesn’t think Cassie is clearly hiding something, as opposed to not understanding something this won’t be an issue.

; If Freddy is attempting to preserve his secret I.D. then he won’t get much of an opportunity to speak with the rescued people. Since they’re witnesses, the Cops would see to their treatment but also detain them in protective custody. Cassie’s call to NOWHERE would then get them wiped in pretty short order of the truth. Given his speed, he might get some passing conversations with them between medical treatment and police interviews. The people outside, who wouldn’t be detained, noticed a lot of peculiarity about the storm. It rolled in our of nowhere. The local forecasts didn’t have even a chance of rain in them. Farmers would note that it seemed to come together in spite of a total lack of cloud coverage. The timeline of the storm’s arrival seems to coincide with the timeline of the bank’s initial explosion.

Chief Callaghan is a rare specimen. He took charge of the entire fiasco and seemed to maintain that even after N.O.W.H.E.R.E. rolled in. This is utterly in spite of seemingly having no training for things such as this and no real reason to be so confident in the face of people like Raven or even Wonder Woman, Superman…etc. On top of this, he seems utterly unaffected by the efforts of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to bamboozle the citizens of Fawcett City. He played along, but only because he caught on to what was happening and is now secretly investigating the entire thing himself. If approached by Freddy (or anyone, that also seemed not to get their memories wiped out), he’d confide in them that nothing about any of this makes sense. He’ll also happily share his own investigative findings. Which isn’t a lot, but does contain the contents of the lock boxes that got disturbed. Most of which is stocks, bonds, store jewelry. Freddy has the Wisdom of Solomon, so if he plays his cards right the chief will let him see the contents. At which point a certain broach will draw an immediate ‘Bingo’ out of Solomon.

The Wizard himself is surprisingly, maybe even shockingly, non-communicative at this time. ( There’s more than one reason for this. )