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Freddy would have had questions. He would have attempted to speak with a few of the people that he rescued or some that were in the area to get their recollection of what happened. Done more as a curious bystander trying to find out what the hub bub was about. He would have tried to do that shortly after. He’s trying to determine if anyone would have noticed anything peculiar about the gathering storm if was still outside of the area before things went wrong at the bank or after.

In the event that people have already been mentally scrubbed he would check to see what he could learn from Chief Callaghan as a concerned citizen, albeit discretely as people may have started repeating the story that has been planted.

Given that any video evidence has been scrubbed that would leave him with only one other recourse attempting to find the fleeing crocodile man or if he’s set Freddy on the trials the Wizard in attempt to get a read on what happened.