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Helena won’t answer this question. She’d be very curious as to why he would presume she knew the answer, but she’s not saying whether she does or doesn’t.

From Freddy’s perspective and her take charge attitude that she knows far more than she shares probably for her own reasons, because people always have reasons. True she is an archaeologist, but she’s far more in the know than most. There’s something familiar about also it never hurts to ask. The worst someone can say is no.

Very astute. Though, again, Helena Sandsmark is curious as to why Freddy would assume she knew this information.

When she told Cassie he wasn’t Shazam that he was a contender. Which in itself is an interesting word selection that Freddy puts into his back pocket. However, that tells him that she knows something of the Trials perhaps a little or a lot. There’s a strong possibility that she could know about the wizard and his current status. Also the fact that has access to a mystic reliquary which leads to doorways that connect not only different places, but times. That makes him wonder who she is beyond Cassie’s mother, archaeologist, scholar and warrior. Freddy’s starting to think of her as a modern day Athena or disciple of Athena.

Helena: “So if what you’re saying is true and if the Trial was truly broken, they would be over. Then why do you keep assuming Isis stole the powers she has? What if she and Adam are actually part of the trial? Wouldn’t that explain why they haven’t ended?”

That’s definitely a possibility. Food for thought for Freddy which he would definitely state as such as it allows him to take a step back to re-examine what he knows so far. It will become obvious that he approaches things as puzzles to solve with each clue being a potential puzzle piece.