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Being familiar with doorways that end up in different places Freddy would be curious to know if they would be able to control where they end up? They have no idea where the doorway will open, but would they be able to control the general area they end up in?

Follow up to that question is would they be able enter exit point to travel to different destination or is it a one time one way ticket at this point?

Just for a peace at mind Freddy would inquire if the Wizard was ok since he’s been able to locate him.

The wizard’s disappearance has led Freddy to suspect one of two things. One that he’s been hurt which doesn’t track with everything he’s seen. Adam wasn’t trying to throttle him and Isis hasn’t pulled him along like a prize. Two which is the one that makes more logical sense. The wizard cannot intervene for the same reasons Helena can’t on Freddy’s behalf because he is still playing out a trial. He wouldn’t voice it because Helena would probably neither confirm or deny that most likely, but the way Freddy plays the logic it leads him to the following.

Like Adam said the trials were broken. Yes, he is unable to complete the trials of Hercules and Atlas, because Isis stole their abilities and killed them.

However, if the trials ended it would be over. Freddy would have failed and he would be regular Freddy Freeman not the initiate. Zeus’ trial must be in play and as the Wizard is not able to aid in him the trials he removed himself from the board. Helena not being to aid him about the amulet means that it’s a part of a trial. Thus, Freddy posits the Zeus trial is to put right and restore the original covenant that a champion is selected. However, Black Adam’s existence violates that covenant which may have set all of this in motion especially when he did an Isis like move to aid his wife. Same wrong that was made in the past has been repeated.

Stop Isis.