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#1: Is there anything in the vault that can be used to place could cloak the amulet. A box of some kind that would prevent it from being detected?

What the characters are calling a vault exists in DC by a different name and there is such an expansive amount of mystical items within, that I’m 100% positive that there is something like this in there.

#1.5: If so Freddy would as if he could borrow it.

Helena would politely answer: Cassie, who is this and who does he actually think he is?

I am told Cassie would respond essentially with: “Shazam?”

To which Helena would again, politely point out that he is -not- Shazam. He has not completed his trial and until that changes, in the eyes of the Gods, to whom the Vault is dedicated, Freddy is only a contender. Whom they cannot -assist- in any way.

#2: It’s been on Freddy’s mind for some time. Would Helena know who placed Isis and Osiris in the amulets in the first place and why?

If Helena does know she won’t answer the question. ( She does know but she cannot directly assist Freddy in any way with any aspect of the Trial. )

Or could Freddy assume with the help of Solomon that because of the part Isis played in Teth-Adam gaining powers from a different set of gods that this was some form of penance that had been imposed upon them both?

That would be 50% correct and it would be natural for him to make that assumption. This is essentially half-right, because it was her role in Black Adam status as Champion -and- something else that she did (which they haven’t actually discovered yet).