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I may have a series of questions, but Freddy will take note of the items in the vault that feels much like a reliquary.

Question 1: Is there anything in the vault that can be used to place could cloak the amulet. A box of some kind that would prevent it from being detected? If so Freddy would as if he could borrow it.

Right now it seems that Isis can sense the amulet no matter where it’s taken so that would be something at the top of his head, because the doorway is very familiar and if they step through Isis would find them quickly and begin battering another city.

Question 2: It’s been on Freddy’s mind for some time. Would Helena know who placed Isis and Osiris in the amulets in the first place and why? Or could Freddy assume with the help of Solomon that because of the part Isis played in Teth-Adam gaining powers from a different set of gods that this was some form of penance that had been imposed upon them both?

General SM Question: Now that Isis has appeared in Adrianna’s body is there anything on he person that would have stood out? Adam had given her the amulet, but does she still carry it or once Isis inhabited Adrianna’s body would she no longer need the amulet?

I’ll start with those.